Guidelines for guest posts

I am happy to support other authors and their publicity efforts, especially indie authors who write stories that limit offensive language and detailed depictions of violence, and have "sweet" heat levels in the romantic plots.

A majority of my readers are themselves writers, so I ask that guest posts have some educational value to my readership rather than being pure promotion.

Guest post content

A. Informative article
A 300-800 word piece on an educational writing topic with optional 350 x 350 pixel image you have permission to use freely (if an attribution license, please provide text for a caption). My template requires a square image for the top, so please crop accordingly.

Suggested topics:

  • How I develop setting and/or milieu (aka world-building)
  • How I create characters
  • My best tip/lessons from the trenches on revision, plot, pacing, voice, or theme
  • Unusual topics I researched for this book and how I did it
  • Unique promotion I tried--what worked, what didn't
  • Developing a brand
  • Writing across genres
  • Unique life experience that led me to write this book
  • Tips for work/life balance
  • Tips for nurturing your creativity
  • Writing productivity tips
  • An obstacle I overcame to complete this book
Think "evergreen" when you write--a topic that will still be of interest months or years from now. I like to periodically re-feature guest posts via Twitter.

B. About you
Your brief biography with photo and social media links

C. About your book
Your book blurb, cover image, and buy links, with optional giveaway link (Rafflecopter or Goodreads--provide the HTML)

The post should be in plain text. Refrain from using all caps. Please provide links directly following the text to be linked, like this:

Barnes and Noble

Images should each be separate files OR give a URL for the image that Blogger can be directed to use.

Request a guest post spot

Send me an e-mail at laurels (dot) leaves @ gmail (dot) com that tells me a little about you and your book(s), and describes your proposed post. Note any scheduling preferences, giving a window of dates you'd like. Kindly send requests at least two weeks before you hope to have a post appear.


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