How do you find hope when a family crisis threatens everything you love?

"a fantastic novel about finding true happiness, about forgiveness, about sacrifice, and about dealing with difficult, real-life situations."--Amazon reviewer.

"This book had enough romance, teenage angst, and secrets to keep me interested.... It was fun to see the drama that both the teenagers and the adults had to deal with and how they came up with some of the solutions." --Goodreads reviewer

Read the first two chapters of Almost There

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Sunday school never prepared her for this kind of life after death.

"gorgeous, impressive debut." --Leigh T. Moore, author of The Truth About Faking

"a twisty journey through a young girl's battle with death, grief, and the discovery of family secrets that threaten to undo her world." --Heidi Willis, author of Some Kind of Normal

Read the first chapter of Never Gone

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Explore the spaces where we create, wound, heal and find love, beauty, and grace. 

"Filled with heart. It breathes with the pain and joy of human experience...tender and hard hitting at once." --Angela Felsted, author of Scarred and Cleave

"Beautiful and inspirational." --Tyrean Martinson, author of Champion in the Darkness

Read the poem "Gilbert" from Muddy-Fingered Midnights

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