Friday, March 19

Posted by Laurel Garver on Friday, March 19, 2010 23 comments
Thanks to Crystal at Write Because You Must for granting me the "Creative Writer" award. Boy, oh, boy, have I ever been jonesing this one--it comes with the stipulation I share some falsehoods and a truth. My mischievous side rubs her hands in glee at an opportunity to fool you all. Mwa-ha-ha!

Here are my five lies and a truth:

1. When I was 23, I dated a 37-year-old who worked in mergers and acquisitions and owned two Mercedes-Benzes. He asked me out for the first time at a funeral.

2. I wore a vintage wedding dress to the prom and my date rented a 1930's convertible to take us there.

3. During my brief stint as an Avon lady, I accidentally set off a house alarm: horns whooping, lights flashing. I ran and hid in a neighbor's doghouse for over an hour until the coast was clear.

4. I broke my collarbone at 17 during a riding lesson. The stallion I was riding got wind of a mare in heat and ran away with me, eventually bucking me off. Ow.

5. My mom brought some of our baby chickens to school to show my second grade classmates. The peeps got loose and my class spent three hours chasing them.

6. I was captain of my high school debate team. We made it all the way to state level championships, coming in sixth in Pennsylvania.

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Can you guess which is the truth?
Answers tomorrow!
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  1. Wow. It's a tough choice. I think I'm going to go with #6. :-)

  2. This was a hard one. I'm going to say #5 is the truth even though I really think it's #6.

    Congrats on the award.

  3. #2 sounds way to good. I hope its the truth, though I like the image of a bunch of 2nd graders chasing peeps.

    They're all so good it's hard to know.


  4. These are great! I think I'm going to go with... hmmm... #1 because being asked out a funeral is just bizarre enough to be real - at least in my little corner of the world. :)

  5. Ummmm... I'm rooting for #2 to be true, but I'm doubting a 17-year-old boy would shell out the bucks for a vintage car rental. So I'm going to go with #3 because the idea of you crouched in a dog house for an hour makes me laugh.

    And thanks for passing this on to me! I'm formulating my untruths already...

  6. Thank you so much! I'm guessing it's #4. These are all good ones!

    Congratulations to you...:)

  7. I'm going with #3 but I would love for it to be #1!!!

    I must say this was tough, these looked like all truths, so detailed and specific, it's amazing!! What a gift! I'll be keeping a look out!

  8. I love this award! I blogged about it today, too:)

    I'm going to guess #6.

  9. This is hard! I'll say #4 and can't wait to hear the truth!

  10. Thanks for passing this on to me. I did it not too long ago....

    Having chased peeps myself when I was 5 or so I know how difficult they are to catch! So I'm rather inclined to go with #5. But I think I'm going to say #2, just because I think going to your prom in an old dress and diving an old car is WAY cool!

  11. If any of those things are true, you've lived an exciting life, Laurel! You also tell a very convincing story. I'm tuning in tomorrow to find out the truth. Congrats on that award!

  12. Congrats on the award!

    I'm going with # 4 'cause I used to ride horses and know how easy it is for accidents like that to happen.

  13. Number 1? Just a guess...
    Happy weekend!

  14. Oh, man, this is way too hard with you. You have great stories here. I think your creative writing got hold of you.
    1. Would be weird.
    2. Great, if true!
    3. Very funny, and scary, but can't quite picture it actually happening.
    4. Ouch!!
    5. I don't think so.
    6. Possible. Very possible. You're great with words.

  15. Thanks for passing the award my way! These are always so tricky. I mean, we are all struggling to become professional liars, I mean, ummm... writers. lol
    I will go with #1 because it sounds the most made up. :-) and truth is stranger than fiction.

  16. first, congrats on the awards!

    second, those are all really awesome choices for truths!

    i think i'm going with #1. because it seems crazy enough to be true.


  17. Wow, your votes are so spread! Stay tuned. The truth post is scheduled to go up a little after noon eastern.

    And thanks everyone for coming by to vote. This was so, so fun!!!

  18. I'm going with the horsey one. I can't wait for the big reveal!

  19. I think number 5 is the truth. These were all very convincing though!
    FYI- You are the winner of my 100 Followers Contest!! Congrats! Send me an email with you address so I can send you your prizes!!!

  20. I am? Woo Hoo!!! You made my day!!

  21. I'm going with the horsey one too.

    And thanks.

  22. What a fun list of lies/truth! I'm going to guess #4 is the truth.