Wednesday, July 17

Posted by Laurel Garver on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 8 comments
Dear Blog,

It's not you, it's me. I've been seeing other loves. Specifically a manuscript I started in 2008 and feared I'd never finish. I've written two and a half chapters since I got back from vacation July first. 

I know. I can't believe it either. But I have fans now, Blog, and they want to read novels from me, not merely shop talk and writing tips.

There, there, Blog. I know my writing tips have fans too. And I promise we'll work together to create a book just for them. But not this month. 

I haven't been this prolific in years. And if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that you need to stay focused when a story gels and you know exactly what will happen in the next nine scenes.

So, Blog, I will be giving you a bit of a summer vacation. I'll catch you every Wednesday. In September, we'll celebrate our fifth anniversary belatedly. Because the celebration deserves some forethought, and that will have to come later.

You're the best, Blog! Have a great summer!

All best,


Yule Ball ice sculpture
And for your entertainment, a meme I picked up from Margo Berendsen (with my photos from the Harry Potter studio tour in England):

Would you rather go to prom with Harry, Draco or Ron?
Neville. Definitely Neville. The most underrated guy at Hogwarts. And forget the prom. I want the Yule Ball.

Would you rather be sorted into Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin?
I usually sort as Ravenclaw, but I have Hufflepuff tendencies (liking comfort and routine).

Would you rather explore the forbidden forest or the halls of Hogwarts?
Having seen the scale model in the UK, I think it would take months to explore all of Hogwarts. I'd love meeting all the people in the portraits.

Would you rather enroll in Potions, Charms, Divination or Defense Against The Dark Arts?
Probably Charms. I'd likely do fine in Potions (chem was one of my best subjects), but I don't like the dark, gloomy lab.

Would you rather buy an owl, cat, rat or toad?
I love my kitties, but there's something magnetic about owls: so serene, so elegant. 

Would you rather have in possession: the elder wand, resurrection stone, or the cloak of invisibility?
Wizard chess, anyone?
The invisibility cloak would be nifty, but I could most use the ability to apparate. Never be late or stuck in traffic again!

Would you rather be tutored by Luna Lovegood or Hermione Granger?
Luna would frustrate me. My mind works more like Hermione's. 

Would you rather, in the final battle, fight against Nagini (the snake) or Bellatrix?
Nagini, because even if he taunted me, I wouldn't understand it. 

Would you rather fight a basilisk or a dragon?
A dragon, but only if I had Hiccup's help. Oh wait, that's another mythology. 

Fred and George at the Burrow
Would you rather be a part of the Malfoy family or Weasley family?
The Weasleys. I'm already accustomed to big, noisy families (I'm the youngest of 5).

Would you rather have a butterbeer or pumpkin juice?
Butterbeer sounds more appealing. 

Would you rather fly on a broomstick, Hagrid's motorbike or Buckbeak?
I'm torn. The motorbike seems the most stable, but Buckbeak is so beautiful.

Would you rather have a conversation with Daniel Radcliffe or J.K. Rowling?
Definitely the author. I'd love to know how she kept all these complex plot threads organized.

Feel free to do the meme on your own blog! 


Have you ever needed to step away from your blogging responsibilities for a while? How did you manage it?

Which of my answers to the HP meme surprised you most? 


  1. I'm so glad to hear that your vacation re-started your book!!

    I had a similar experience. After my vacation to Paris, I finally figured out how to write a novel that I've been turning around in my mind for years.

    I think European vacations are definitely good for the writing soul.:)

    1. Thanks Connie. I think it was just taking a break from everything for 16 days that helped most of all. And indeed, Europe does stir the imagination and the soul.

  2. So glad someone joined me in this! I loved your point about Nagini, "because even if he taunted me, I wouldn't understand it." And I loved the reference to Hiccup!!! Now i'm tempted to start a meme on How to Train Your Dragon!

    1. Definitly Bellatrix's taunting is the very worst thing about her. She knows exactly how to get under her opponent's skin.

      I'd love a How to Train Your Dragon meme. I'll join in if you make one! Just let me know.

  3. That was fun, and I think I'll ask for a broomstick, please--just take off and fly.
    I'm not blogging as much,either. Trying to finish my rewrite before the SCBWI conference. :)

    1. I know a lot of people take the entire summer off blogging, because having the kids home is too much to juggle. That's kind of the case for me, though it's more that I need to focus when ideas are flowing.

      My hubby also picked the broomstick as his flying tool of choice. I don't have as much confidence in my balance. LOL.

      Good luck with your rewrite. Planning some speed dates at SCBWI? Hope those go well!