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Posted by Laurel Garver on Monday, April 12, 2010 32 comments
So I'm back, bearing gifts (don't worry, I'm not Greek) after an unplugged week that was medium-productive. I'm all set to announce contest winners beginning Wednesday, and I churned through a good pile of editing at my job. The novel revisions are coming. I wish I were a little less anxious about these last two chapters I need to rewrite and wasn't waking several times a night from subplot panics and fears I'll never finish. Then I remember I felt the same way before rewriting chapter 7 and chapter 8 and chapter 9 and I did some pretty bang-up rewrites of that chunk in under six weeks--my crit group had few changes--so maybe I should stop being such a neurotic idiot and get the sleep I need to be productive. Whew. My neurotic side thinks in the craziest run-ons.

So, back to gifts. I have some lovely blog awards to acknowledge and pass along!

The first is the "You Are My Sunshine" Supportive Commenter Award. I received this one from Sarahjayne Smythe over at Writing in the Wilderness.

I pass it along to the following supportive souls who never fail to give me a boost:

Amber at the Musings of Amber Murphy
Anne at Piedmont Writer
Charity at My Writing Journey
Karen at Write Now
Mary at Play off the Page

The second bit of blog bling, "It's Like We're Soulmates," comes from Nicole at One Significant Moment at a Time. With this one, I get to create fun fictions about each of the friends I pass it along to. So here goes.

Carol at Carol's Prints owes her willowy figure to titanium bone extensions implanted at Raidon Academy for Bionic Ninjas. Also, she can kill you with her brain.

Crystal at Write Because You Must developed a new type of watercolor paint that emits fragrance when viewed under a blacklight.

Karen at Novels During Naptime, a champion pairs figure skater, split with her partner when he admitted he prefered Tonya Harding's skating to Nancy Kerrigan's.

Expert hypnotist Sarahjayne at Writing in the Wilderness implants in all her students the suggestion to immediately read Shakespeare whenever they hear the phrase "ohmigosh."

Tricia at Talespinning earns extra spending money as a paparazzi photographer who stalks British ex-pat actors.

Wow, that was fun. Whoever came up with that award rule was a genius.

Which of these invented secret identites or abilities do you wish you had?
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  1. Congratulations on all the wonderful awards!! The Soulmates Award is one of my favorite it allows you to really use your personality!!!

    I wish I had the ability to be in two places at once!!! That way I felt like I had more time to do things and still earn a paycheck :)

  2. Oh, I like the watercolor paints that emit an aroma when viewed under a black light! My mind takes me to both delightful and horrifying places.

  3. I'd love to ice skate! I'm such a scardy cat and I'd be afriad of falling!

  4. Welcome back Laurel! Congrats to the winners! *runs off to check out their blogs*

  5. Congratulations on the awards and for your writing progress. Thanks and blessings to you for giving me the sunshine award! What a lovely Monday surprise:) Will have to check out these other links. Thanks again!
    Have a wonderful week,

  6. How did you know about the figure skating??? lol...if you only knew. But thank you!

    And huzzah for writing progress!

  7. Congratulations on the awards Laurel! I'm looking forward to unplug week next week to get a lot more writing done. I've been pulled in so many directions this month its crazy.

    I'd love to be able to craft an entire novel without breaking a sweat, can I have those powers.

  8. Laurel, you've blown my cover! That was hilarious. I agree the Soulmates award is really fun and creative and special. Thanks so much for including me and congrats to you. I love visiting your blog.
    (For anyone interested Soulmates originated at
    As for the not sleeping, I know the place you speak of. Why is the middle of the night such prime worrying time? Le sigh.

  9. Congrats on the awards! I'm glad your are plugging away at your revisions. I would love to be able to multi task well and turn my first draft into an amazing novel just by thinking about it.

  10. Ooh! Awards! Shiny! Congrats! I've had a little too much coffee this morning already!

    Er... and yes, I think Carol could kill me with her brain. Good thing that superpower only extends to about a 100-mile radius. I'm safe.

  11. Congrats and thanks for mine.

    Super powers, well, I already have eyes that see from the back of my head, and around walls, and down the stairs into the, hmmm...maybe to be able to eat whatever I want and LOSE weight.

  12. Welcome back, and congrats on your awards!

  13. Congrats to you and all the winners! I wish I could write at lightening speed. I'm convinced I'd churn novels out by the dozens. ;) Can't wait for Wed!!!!

  14. Welcome back and congrats on your awards! And thanks so much for mine :) :)

    My crazy, neurotic, brain sounds like a stark raving run on idiot too. See? ;)

    btw, I feel your tax pain.

  15. DEFINITELY the titanium ninja with the killer brain.

  16. Jen: Ooh, bilocation! Susan Howatch's _Glamorous Powers_ has a monk who could do that. One righteous dude!

    Bish: I always wish I could smell still-lifes. is that weird?

    Aubrey: Absolutely. And how scary to be a pairs skater who is lifted and thrown!

    Stina: Have fun making friends.

    Karen L: Thank you for bringing sunshine to me!

  17. Karen A: I remembered your Olympics mania. Have you for real been a skater?

    Tamika: Unplugs can be great--best wishes with yours. Hmm, would no-sweat writing be as cathartic? Its a good day when I weep with my characters.

    Tricia: Nah, you don't have any photos of youself posted, so I think you can happily keep up the freelance stalking. LOL. thought you'd like that one!

    Christine: I love the psychic-scripting concept--that scenes would pour onto the page just as I imagine them. That would rock.

    Simon: "I can kill you with my brain" is a quote from River on Firefly. She's as cool as a bionic ninja, with a little crazy mixed in for fun.

  18. Anne: Um...I think that power is called a tapeworm. ;-) (I know, eeew...)

    Shelley: Thanks! Missed you guys!

    T. Anne: boy could I have used speed last week!

    Crystal: I actually edited down that mental jabber! Ha. And you're most welcome.

    JEM: bionic ninjas with killer brains, cool right? You're welcome to take that one and run with it. I have no head for creating Sci Fi plots.

  19. Congrats to you on all the awards, and all those who've received them!

    I'd love to be a champion ice-skater. I've always dreamed of skating... but it just never happened! I hate the cold so maybe it was all for the best after all.

  20. Congrats, and thank you for passing it along. Thanks for the comments on my blog too. :) Good luck on those last 2 chapters!

  21. Oh, how I wish I had Sarahjayne's talent! It would be too fun to get my high schoolers to do that!! :-)

  22. Congratulations on all your awards! I'm glad you had a [somewhat] productive unplugged week. :o)

  23. Thanks, Laurel, You're my sunshine, too!

    Happy Editing.

    I had good intentions of entering your dialogue contest, but I'm in the middle of scriptfrenzy, and behind in that, so it didn't work out for me this time. Plus, I've been going on wonderful excursions with my kids this spring...a happy distraction.

  24. Congrats on your awards and thank you for mine. Welcome back. I can't wait to see the contest winners. :)

  25. Congrats. I think your trophy shelf is getting full!

    I am glad you are back from the unplugged side. We've missed you over here. I am so mad that the deadline for your writing contest passed me by, but I'm looking forward to the announcement of the winners regardless. :)

  26. Ooh! Linkage. Love linkage. And yeah, get some sleep. Your hippocampus will thank you.

  27. Ha! NO!! Quite the opposite. Hubbykins loves ice skating. His sister actually is phenomenal. But after one roller-blading incident with blood and tears, he learned to trust me when I say, "I don't skate."

  28. Talli: I imagine there are many cold, wet falls involved in becoming a champion. Not my idea of fun either.

    Charity: You're welcome. Good luck with meeting your goals also.

    Shannon: Wouldn't it? They'd become geniuses in no time flat.

    E. Elle: Thanks. I keep telling myself all progress is good, right?

  29. Mary: Aw, thanks. The timing wasn't great for a number of people. That's what comes of picking clever, symmetrical due dates. :-)

    Sarahjayne: Thanks, and you're welcome. I missed you guys!

    Amber: Good to be back. Thanks for your supportive comments, as always.

    Tina: Enjoy making new blog friends. Believe it or not, turning the mattress helped my sleep issues most. Fewer lumps, more ZZZZs.

    Karen A: I get it. It's kind of like how I feel about skiers and snowboarders--envious and awed because I could NEVER do it.

  30. Welcome back, Laurel.
    I'm not sleeping well because of rewriting/revisions either.

    CONGRATS on the awards, well deserved!


  31. Hahahahaha!! I would so love titanium bone implants. Very nice ;)

    Thanks for the award, sweetie. It's fabulous.

    Good luck with your editing. Wishing you continued progress and lots of chocolate for the process (unless you are allergic to chocolate, in which case, please send it to me).

  32. Lola: writer's insomnia is awful, isn't it?

    Carol: You're welcome to take the bionic ninja premise and run with it. In your capable hands, I predict a bestseller !

    My daughter is trying to figure out how the dark chocolate eggs disappeared from her Easter basket so fast. Bad mommy. ;-D