Friday, December 3

Posted by Laurel Garver on Friday, December 03, 2010 24 comments
So many of my lovely blog pals keep a nice, consistent schedule. I haven't yet found one that works 100% for me, but I'm leaning towards T, Th, F. My Tuesday, Thursday posts would be the more practical and meaty ones you all keep coming back for, and the Friday posts would be lighter.

So today I'm going to share some linkage and wish you all a splendid weekend.

Posts of Note
In the querying dumps? I urge you to go read Sherrie Petersen's latest post at Write About Now, Sometimes You Just Give Up. It has an amazing twist ending sure to delight.

At Roxane Salonen's blog Peace Garden Writer, she discusses the very essential work of being dreamy and giving your mind space to develop ideas deeply in Let the Tortoise Have His Way.

Michelle Gregory at Beautiful Chaos encourages us to walk away from the "shoulds" that don't fit our lives in true to who i am.

And just for fun, see Diana Paz's Ten Signs You *May* Be Procrastinating on Revisions.

Friday Follow
If you write PB, MG or YA, your should be following Casey McCormick's very awesome blog Literary Rambles. Her site will help you tremendously with agent research. Tremendously! She has two new agent spotlights up this week alone. And the information is beautifully organized and cogent. She also offers a forum to have your query and/or opening pages critiqued.

Contest alerts
C.A. Marshall is offering a free manuscript edit, up to 100K words, to one lucky winner!

Lisa Galek at Read. Write. Repeat. is giving away a copy of Dirty Little Secrets.

Jessica Bell at The Alliterative Allomorph is giving away a signed copy of Someone to Blame.

Warm up your flash fiction muscles--Hairnets and Hopes is hosting a blogfest and contest December 15 on the theme "Truth is Stranger Than Fiction."

Do you blog on a set schedule? How did you decide? What has worked or not worked for you?


  1. What a great list of links. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Setting a schedule is pretty much a challenge to me to break it. My blogging also depends heavily on how busy the rest of my life is. Since I'm still in the writing phase (as opposed to querying and beyond), I put a greater importance on writing than blogging. Which sometimes means I don't show up at my blog for weeks :).

  3. Thanks for the linklist! I try to blog MWF, but sometimes I have nothing interesting to share, and I don't like to waste my followers' precious time.

  4. Oh! Thanks for that! What a pleasant surprise :o) Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for the round-up of links, Laurel. And yes, Sherrie's post is a must-see!! :-)

  6. Angela: Enjoy! and have a great weekend.

    JEM: Yeah, I know what you mean. Blogging is supposed to be fun and schedules are, to me, NOT. :-)

    Tina: Mondays are my absolutely busiest day, and I'm rarely able to get posts prewritten over the weekend, so I hope the T, TH, F may work better.

    Jessica: No prob. Happy to share some linky love.

  7. Great list! Thanks for the links Laurel!

  8. Thanks for all the links!

    I don't always blog consistently; I always post for Teaser Tuesday, but that's about the only concrete day I'm around.

  9. My schedule is a bit all over the place. But I really try to blog Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. It doesn't always work. Blogging is really fun for me, so I don't want to feel like I have to get a post out on a certain day when I'm not ready to write it. I never want it to be a chore. So I let it be flexible :-) Thanks for the links and have a good weekend!

  10. Thanks for the shout out Laurel!

  11. Thanks for the link, Laurel! There are quite a few others here that I'm going to have to check out. Good luck with your scheduling! I do MWF and that seems to work for me. Every day was definitely too much.

  12. Great list, and yes schedules are hard to figure out. I've pretty much settled on M/W/F. I usually write my blogs the night before and the nights before those days work out a little better for writing one.

  13. Thanks for the great links! Yes, I keep a M-F schedule, but during school holidays and summer I cut back. And I take vacations. Mostly, I only do what I feel comfortable doing, but I find if I cut back more than that, I keep finding the urge to blog anyway! :)

    Happy Weekend!

  14. I don't like schedules - I tend to blog when I have something to say and my life permits! :) I do admire folks who stick to them though!

    Thanks for all of the awesome links! :)

  15. Colene: you're welcome.

    GE: I've really been all over the place--posting daily for Harry Potter week was very tough, so I now know M-F really doesn't work for me.

    Melissa: I find that not posting on Mondays is a bit of a detriment--it's the day I usually get the most hits. It's also the most insane day at work. And sanity is something I'm coming to love and cherish.

  16. Lisa: You're welcome. Hope you get some good buzz for your fab giveaway.

    Sherrie: You're an inspiration! I think a lot of us found hope in your story.

    Abby: I wish my brain weren't so fried in the evenings! Your plan is a good one.

  17. Susan: You're what I call a powerhouse blogger--posting daily and managing to produce very high quality posts on that schedule. Even on a three day a week schedule, I need a fluff day!

    Jemi: I'm trying to strike a balance between want to and have to with the blogging. Treating it a tiny bit as a job means I do manage to show up having something to say a little more often.

  18. I don't have a schedule. I wish I did, but my real-life-outside-blogging is too unpredictable. I'm considering making blogging a once a week thing for a while until after the holidays, though.

  19. I just picked M,W,F and stuck with it. And now I guess I'm in a rut, but it works for me. I don't think I'd ever go to 5 days a week.

  20. I do M-Th. Initially I was blogging M-F, but I found it left little time for work, family, creative writing... So far, it works for me! :o) <3

  21. I do a MWF thing which mostly seems to work. 3 days a weeks seems enough for me.

    And thanks for the links! Some great contests. :)

  22. Thanks for the contest alerts. As for posting, I do two days a week Monday and Thursday. My goal is for the Monday to be about writing or meatier and the Thursday to be more fun, creative, or inspirational.

  23. Shelley: I completely understand where you're coming from. Something has to give when life gets too crazy.

    Laura: Glad you found a good routine for you. As a reader, I appreciate knowing when to visit for new material.

    Leigh: social media can put a dent in the writing schedule for sure. I hope my new routine will work as well as yours has.

  24. Janet: Your 3-day scedule seems a pretty typical one. I just can't do mondays. Whenever I have, it always comes back to bite me. :-(

    Holly: You're welcome--good luck entering! I may end up dropping back to Tue & Fri if life gets any more crazy that it already is!