Friday, December 12

Posted by Laurel Garver on Friday, December 12, 2014 5 comments
Looking for the perfect gift for your critique partner, book club president, writing-obsessed family member, or your own wish list? Look no further--I've got  you covered. I'll be doing a series of writing-related gift lists over the next several days, just in time to complete your shopping.

Since it's Friday, our first focus will be FUN! Check out these great toys and games for writers (click each heading for more info. and to purchase):

Great Writers Finger Puppets

Imagine all the great entertainment you could create with four fabulous writerly minds ready to act out your silly or serious pantomime plays. Set includes William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens and Leo Tolstoy.

Gather around the table for this fun family project--a 1,000 piece puzzle featuring famous writers. In my family, jigsaw puzzles were always part of our Christmas-day fun. This puzzle just might be the one to get your family to adopt this tradition, too.

Writers and Poets Playing Cards

Make your rounds of solitaire or weekly poker game a lot more literary with these playing cards featuring famous novelists and poets.

Notable Novelists

"Go Fish" for the well-read, this card game is sure to delight your literary friends.

Storymatic Classic

Beat writer's block with this creativity tool: "Six billion stories in one little box." Simply draw some prompts and let your imagination do the rest. Great not only for generating stories on your own--it's also fun for parties and road trips.

Smaller and more portable than Storymatic, this dice set can be a handy tool for generating ideas.  Roll and create from the story prompts.

Never again be at a loss for words! This set of magnetic words is great for generating poems or awesome first lines on your fridge or filing cabinet.

Beyond the basics, check out THESE awesomely fun theme sets:

Music  /  Art  /  Nature

Cat   /  Bacon  /   Mustache

Vampire  / Zombie  /  Pirate

Which of these toys and games appeal to you?


  1. I think I want all of those! Any way to help writer's block is always good, but I think the finger puppets would be a distraction...

    1. Story prompts are always useful, and I am a big fan of magnetic poetry-- it's super fun, especially some of the specialty kits.

  2. Replies
    1. I know some schoolteachers who use it to help kids struggling to generate ideas for creative writing assignments. But it's intended as a parlor game like charades.

  3. Those are awesome! I've used something similar (but homemade) for my classroom :)