Wednesday, April 20

Posted by Laurel Garver on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 No comments
If you take a look at my handy-dandy profile over on the right, you'll see that I've shifted my schedule to posting on Thursdays. I ended up needing to do so last week, and it fit into my week so much better. So check this space tomorrow!

And if you've never before joined the Twitter party that is One Line Wednesday (#1linewed), come on over to Twitter, search the hashtag and join in. This week's theme is "nod." Share a snippet (or two) from your work in progress on the theme, and cheer on others who have done so by liking and retweeting their snippets. The themes help us ferret out overuse of some words in part. And the party is a great way to meet new Twitter peeps.

Have a great day, all!


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