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Ready for a dose or reality, my friends? Here are the answers to yesterday's "guess the truth from the lies" game I posted yesterday. I many of you will be surprised.

I'm going to take these in reverse order, since most folks have voted for the later items on the list.

6. I was captain of my high school debate team. We made it all the way to state level championships, coming in sixth in Pennsylvania.

Nope. My school didn't have a debate team.

5. My mom brought some of our baby chickens to school to show my second grade classmates. The peeps got loose and my class spent three hours chasing them.

Sorry. My mom did bring peeps to school, but they never got loose.

4. I broke my collarbone at 17 during a riding lesson. The stallion I was riding got wind of a mare in heat and ran away with me, eventually bucking me off. Ow.

Mixed bag here. I did break my collarbone at 17, but in a bike accident. I did have a randy stallion run away with me and try to buck me off at a riding lesson when I was 13, but I jumped to safety in the manure pile (stinky but soft).

3. During my brief stint as an Avon lady, I accidentally set off a house alarm: horns whooping, lights flashing. I ran and hid in a neighbor's doghouse for over an hour until the coast was clear.

Sorry again. I was an Avon lady, but never set of an alarm or hid in a doghouse.

2. I wore a vintage wedding dress to the prom and my date rented a 1930's convertible to take us there.

Nope. I never went to the prom. I threw an anti-prom party with my fellow geeks instead.

1. When I was 23, I dated a 37-year-old who worked in mergers and acquisitions and owned two Mercedes-Benzes. He asked me out for the first time at a funeral.

Surprise! This one is absolutely true, every bit of it! Rich guy turned out to be a controlling jerk, but it took me over a year to figure this out. So, so, so many red flags! Men who date women 14 years younger are bad news. Ditto with ones who pick up girls at funerals. But, hey, I was fresh out of college and naive as all get-out.

Someday I'll write a story about this relationship. It was bizarre from beginning to end. Especially the end. He broke it off after I "selfishly" hadn't called for a week; I was busy helping my parents after their house burned down. Yeah. Nice guy, huh? Once I showed signs of being a real person with real problems, he was done.

What are some of your craziest dating disasters and bad matches?
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  1. Wow those were some interesting truths and lies. You've got some good story ideas in there.

  2. I agree, lots of good story ideas here!
    Happy weekend!

  3. 1 - this guy who turned off my car after i dropped him off, even though he knew my battery wasn't working right. i had to spend a hour with him while my battery charged. what a creep.

    2 - the controlling guy i almost married. thank God he broke up with me (it was over the phone because he was in the Navy). so glad i didn't marry him. blech.

  4. Yikes! Not a nice guy - glad you found soon enough.

    I was pretty lucky with my dates, although there was one creepy kind-of-stalker guy, but I never dated him, just avoided :)

  5. I am so glad you got out of your controlling relationship. They're tricky fellows. They woo you into thinking that they care about YOU, when it's all manipulation, even the compliments. Ya, I could write a story about that, too. Well, I am. I hope it brings healing to others.

  6. Haha... I just commented on your last post with a guess, because I read through Google Reader, and that post showed up before this one! How silly of me, not realizing you had posted the answer.

    Yikes about dating the older guy...

  7. Whoa! Great truths/ lies - really enjoyed reading them. You've clearly had a very interesting life so far!

    I've had a plethora of bad dating experiences. Most provide fodder for my novels, so they weren't all in vain!

  8. shorter version of my original post, which got deleted when I closed the window after hitting "post comment".

    My dates were hilarious, but really only to my roommates. glad that part of life is over.

  9. Do I come close because I picked #1? :) As for crazy dating experiences....Does nearly being kidnapped count as crazy? I can tell it was scarey for a while.

  10. I loved this award!!! I was surprised by the truth but hey stranger things have happened!!

  11. Loved this!! You are a good liar (I mean that as a compliment).

    Worst dating disaster? How long do you have? No, kidding really. I made some bad choices of course (like the chef with really smelly feet, or the guy who when asked if he had 'protection' said 'No, but I have a coat hanger.' Yeah. Winner.) But I did manage to meet Mr. Right at the ripe old age of 20, married him at 23 and are celebrating our 15 year anniversary this year.

  12. Wow, I guessed correctly. I dated an older man when I was about nineteen, but it didn't last a whole year. As soon as I found out that he was, ummmm.... married - I was all done. King Jerk.

  13. Ooh, it's always good to know we're not the only ones who have dated some real "winners". I got pulled in to a (thankfully short lived) relationship with a guy who was dying of cancer. I soon learned that he was a lying, manipulative drama queen (and that's putting it lightly)...and I even began to wonder whether he even had cancer at all!

    I've blocked his email but he checks out my blog from time to time and sometimes leaves nasty messages, which I never publish.

    Yep, bad choices...hopefully that was my last one. Ever.

  14. Wow, back when I was dating I seriously had a knack for attracting every weird, unsettled, immature man with mommy issues within a 50 mile radius. The good news is that I was usually able to recognize them fairly quickly and didn't waste too much time on any of them!

  15. So glad I found this blog! It's really fun!
    Hmmm. Wierd dating stories.

    Perhaps a blind date set up by MY UNCLE (hint, hint, silly Patti) to attend a Baylor-OU game with his friend's son, a rabid OU fan/student.

    Yes, the Sooner screamed and waved a flag the entire game as OU slaughtered my Baylor Bears. Ooooh, was he ever obnoxious and smirky.

    My roommate (yes, it was a bad DOUBLE DATE) and I considered climbing out the bathroom window at the postgame dinner but chickened out.

  16. Katie and Karen: thanks. I don't like to write autobiographical stuff much, but I know I need to challenge myself to try.

    Michelle: shudder. He killed your battery on purpose?? Dear oh dear. Hooray for escaping the controller.

    Jemi: and you guessed my truth correctly. Clever you. I've had my share of "persistent" guys who plagued me for far too long. The downside of having brothers is I found it hard to turn guys down very directly--never wanted to hurt their feelings.

    Mary: I had niggling concerns all along, but ignored them, partly because I was new in town and knew few people. He kept it that way, I now realize. Shudder. Glad to be free.

  17. Shelley: Yup, a truly weird experience.

    Bish: Kidnapped?? Yikes, was it meant as a funny joke, or was it genuinely dangerous?

    Jen: thanks for passing it along to me. It was soooo fun!

    Jenna: Wow, you married young. I might need to pick your brain about that some time--my third book idea involves a couple who marry while in college.

  18. Alicia: Kudos for the correct guess. Married and hiding it?? That's despicable. Glad you ran!

    Erin: Wow, that's a crazy story. Possible cancer faking sounds like someone insanely attention hungry. Sorry you're still struggling with the stalker. :-(

    Rhonda: Mommy issues, LOL. I wrangled with a few of those types too.

    Patti: That sounds incredibly uncomfortable. You should've snuck out. I would have made a great story later, as my mom always says of "adventures".

  19. You had me fooled...I thought it was the peeps loose in class.

    Oh, bad date stories, I could write a book. he he

    Happy humpday!