Thursday, September 23

Posted by Laurel Garver on Thursday, September 23, 2010 13 comments
Thanks to everyone who entered my Too, oh too cool contest in honor of reaching a blogging milestone of 202 followers. You all posed fantastic "ask-the-editor" questions as part of your entries that I'll continue tackling over the coming weeks.

Now, onto what your really came here for: the winners announcement.

Prize A,
the Staples gift card, goes to

Shannon O'Donnell

Prize B,
the Harry-Potter inspired "expecto patronem" tote, goes to

Lola Sharp

Prize C,
the grab-bag of writerly goodies goes to

Kelly Lyman

Ladies, please send your postal addresses to me at laurels (dot) leaves (at) gmail (dot) com.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks again, followers, for giving me a reason to celebrate.

What good thing, big or small, makes you want to celebrate this week?


  1. Congrats to the winners and special hooray to you, Laurel, for having all your followers.

    This week, I'm celebrating that my latest serial "Continental Drift" was accepted by Woman's Weekly! Extra special because it was one of those projects that just took WAY too long to sort out.

  2. Congrats!!!

    For me, it was reading my story in an anthology full of literary authors I respect...made my week, and month :)

  3. Congrats to the winners!! And congrats to Laurel on the 202 milestone! :)

    This week, I'm celebrating some gorgeous weather and a couple new projects. Happy Fall everyone!

  4. Yay! Thanks, Laurel! I never seem to have the opportunity to go to Staples and indulge myself - this will be so fun!

    Thank you, thank you! :-)

  5. Yay Shannon, Lola and Kelly! Couldn't be a nicer bunch of winners. :D

  6. Yay, congratulations to the winners!

  7. Congrats to your winners and for having 217 brilliant followers. Every writer should be reading your blog. :)

    THANK YOU for picking me as a winner!


  8. Jenna: Hooray for your breakthrough with your serial story! Doesn't the publication feel sweeter because of the sweat you put in?

    Damyanti: Nice, very nice. What a huge boost that must be.

    Amy: Feeling jazzed about new projects is the best, isn't it?

    Shannon: Congrats and thanks for entering!

  9. Tricia: Indeed, these three have been so encouraging.

    Sandy: Thanks for coming by to cheer them on!

    Christine: I have to say I was shocked when two of the names my hubby pulled from the hat were locals!

    Lola: You're most welcome. Technically my hubby did the honors of digging in the bowl o'paper slips. I only got so high-tech as to use an excel spreadsheet to make the correct number of entries for each contestant.

    Athena: Thanks again for entering!

  10. Congrats to the winners!

    What made me happy is that I'm out of my writing lull and slowly writing. I hope the pace quickens, though.

  11. Congrats to the winners! Fun goodies. :)