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Harry Potter week is drawing to a close and we all know how hard it is to say goodbye. So I'll leave you in the vast forest of story and image being created by those who also want to keep making magic in Rowling's fictional world.

Fan Fiction
Fans who write creatively have long been weaving new tales to fill in backstory for minor characters, explore wizard subcultures only briefly mentioned, speculate what might have been, or practice a little wish fulfillment. Here are some of the big catch-all sites where fans post their Harry Potter-inspired fictional creations

Harry Potter Fan Fiction
Mugglenet Fan Fiction page
Fiction Alley
The Quidditch Pitch

There are dozens more sites, most dedicated to a group of characters or to taking the stories beyond the PG-13 realm into less kid-friendly territory, if you get my drift. These sites above all appear to keep the adult material separate and well marked as such.

Fan Art
There are galleries galore that illustrate the books scene by scene ("canon" artwork), and plenty more that reach beyond the parameters of the book--imagining extensive happenings for characters during their lives off the page.

Fanart at the Leaky Cauldron
Mugglenet Fan Art page
Harry Potter Companion (all "canon" artwork)

I'll leave you with a few of my favorites.

Neville being as awesome as I always hoped he would be.

Many fan fic artists take this sort of comic-book style approach.

Fawkes in flames

From this artist's amazing blog

This was created in a wholly digital environment. Pretty impressive.

Hogwarts by moonlight

This piece was made with traditional art methods.

You can purchase a fine art print of this piece HERE.

Ron and Hermione

Isn't this sweet? I like how the artist aged them, too. You can see more of this artist's work HERE.

Don't forget to visit the rest of the Potter Week sextet:

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What aspect of fan fiction and art intrigues you most? Backstories of characters? Taking the characters into the future? What might have been? Cross pollination with other fantasy worlds?
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  1. That's some amazing fan art! I love the phoenix.

  2. gorgeous art--I like exploring what might've been w/the art, but in fiction it's more backstories. :o) <3

  3. Wow. That Hogwarts by Moonlight is gorgeous.

    Have a lovely weekend, Laurel.

  4. I love the art work. Wow! Especially the kiss. :D

  5. I love the last art work -- so, so gorgeous. Ron and Hermione is my favorite couple in the series. I think I shipped them from the very first book the moment Ron made Hermione cry. :)

  6. I love fan art. :) Thanks for sharing the images and links.

  7. Laurel - I've never really delved into the fanfiction part of a novel. These art pieces are amazing, though.

  8. Definitely checking out the fan art! Thanks for the links!! Great week!

  9. Golden eagle: I'm guessing from your screen name you are a big fan of birds. :-) It is an awesome digital painting. The artist describes the process on the site I linked.

    LTM: there's apparently a whole subgenre of fan fic stories about the Marauders--school stories of James, Remus, Sirius and Peter. I'd love to know how Mr. and Mrs. Weasley met!

    Lola: Lovely, isn't it? Have a great weekend yourself!

    Stina: after rooting for these two through the entire series, how can you not love that kiss?

  10. Emy: I had to ask my hipster hubby to explain your comment. LOL. Yeah, these two do have a chemical thing. An alchemical thing in fact--John Granger says that Hermione represents mercury (Hg on the periodic table and her initials) and Ron is sulphur (associated with masculinity, passion and the color red)--the two elements that in alchemy work on base metals to turn them into gold (the golden one is, of course Harry).

  11. Faith: glad you enjoyed them. It was so hard to pick only a handful to feature!

    RaShelle: some purists are none to happy about the spin-offs. Some stories are kind of fun, though. Others are way beyond racy, as I discovered researching this post.

    Colene: Your welcome. Enjoy!

  12. I loooove fan art! I love seeing how different folks depict the same characters. Heck, I just like seeing them looking all "real" and stuff. Warms my heart that someone would go out of their way to create a likeness of a character they love.

  13. I'm going to check out all those links, they look amazing! I kind of love fan art. Some of it is corny, but some of it is really good. I especially like the romantic ones (swoons).

    I'm not so big into fan fiction only because I'm pretty hard-core about things being in the canon or not. It always kind of annoys me if I read about the characters doing something I don't think they would do. Of course, I do love me some Jane Austen fan fiction, so I bet that if I stumbled across some really well done HP stuff, I would probably start to love it too :)

  14. I love the phoenix! It's so gorgeous and the castle is beautiful too!

  15. Loving the fan art. Not quite sure how I feel about fanfic. I've never read it myself...okay, that's not entirely true. I've read some Austen fanfic, which was fun, and Jane doesn't seem to mind. But for living authors, I wonder how that would feel to them, to have someone else plot their world.

  16. Shayda: It is cool how differently artists depict the characters, especially ones with cameo appearaces.

    Lisa: I hear you. I'm not sure how Rowling feels about the NC-17 rated stuff. It just seems so out-there, a universe away from what she wrote.

    Melissa: It was hard to settle on a few samples! These ones are cool, though.

    Karen: I have mixed feelings too. I've read only a few pieces that tried to fill in backstories for characters we don't meet, like Dumbledore's sister.