Wednesday, December 23

Posted by Laurel Garver on Wednesday, December 23, 2009 3 comments
My sincere apologies to you all for being a big time blogland slacker. I am way, way, way behind with acknowledging all the generous blog awards bestowed in the past week and a half. I also have an overdue "editor-on-call" post waiting in the wings. There are so many new friends to be made, too. Oh dear. I do mean to escape my bubble and say hello to the nice folks who came by to enjoy my backstage snog scene. I will get to all these things as soon as I'm able.

December is not the easiest month, is it? On top of work being incredibly busy (and I can't even escape to my office--campus is locked), my youth group kids need help with college app. essays, my husband is holed up with 130 papers to grade, my bored 7-yo is bouncing off the walls now that school's out, and I'm trying to hit a critique group deadline. I'm also in charge of making Christmas happen because of the aforementioned end-of-term grading. And did I mention the pipe under the kitchen sink burst this morning? Whee!

I hope it's not bad form to preempt the promised acknowledgements with a post I'm super excited to share with you all: a research trip post about my adventures in NYC yesterday. Here's hoping I can just get persnickety Windows Vista to allow me to upload pics...otherwise I'll have to wrestle my hubby off his laptop for a bit. Stay tuned!
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  1. 'Tis the season to be busy... No worries, my friend. Breath and be, I say. We'll all still be here in January, so feel free to save some news until then.

    I hope you have a really special Christmas time this year, full of Peace and Joy and especially rest.

  2. Good lady, please don't stress about crit group. The soonest we can meet is the 2nd week of Jan. so we'll all have the week between Xmas and New Year's Day to write our happy/fool little heads off. :)

    *waits with baited breath for the next post*

    *knows fine well that you're going to call out the misspelling above*

    *which is okay, 'cause it's a funny misspelling*

    *isn't it?*

    *like, what kind of bait? Probably smells nasty*

    *I'm done now*

  3. Elle: thanks for the encouraging words. I hate feeling like I'm rudely refusing to open gifts when bloggy awards have come my way and I'm unprepared to act on them. All in good time, as you say.

    Simon: the week between Xmas and New Years I have to haunt the MLA convention. I want to have chapters 6 and 7 done, but will likely only have 6.

    I wouldn't mock you about the baited/bated thing. I left a comment somewhere about trolling when I meant trawling. The former term is internet slang for leaving nasty comments. Doh! I'm far more proficient at grammar and punctuation than spelling, I'm afraid.