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Posted by Laurel Garver on Monday, December 28, 2009 19 comments
My long-overdue thanks to Shannon at Book Dreaming for the Picasso Award!

This little beauty comes with the stipulation that I pass it on to seven other blogs and share seven things about myself.

My nominees, because they make me thankful to be part of the writing blogosphere, are as follows:
Kristi Faith at Random Acts of Writing
Nickles at Who, What, When, Where and Why
Sherrinda at A Writer Wannabe
Roni at Fiction Groupie
Natalie at Natalie Bahm
Tricia at Talespinning
Rhonda at Snarktastic Ramblings

A special thanks to Kristi for my second Honest Scrap award!

My seven things:

1. While taking a long walk in 1992, I "met" the protagonist of two novels I’m currently working on. Dani seemed to fall into step beside me and tell me her story of loss, family dysfunction and struggles to hang on to her faith. I filled pages of notes at the time, then stuffed them away. Those long-buried notes came out more than a decade later, after I, too, lost my father and felt a strong pull toward this grieving girl. I don't think I could have written her all those years ago.

2. When I worked as a reporter for an energy industry publication, I went by Laura just so I wouldn’t have to spell my name thirty times a day.

3. I owe my warped optimism when things go wrong to my parents’ guiding words. Mom: “It will make a good story later.” Dad: “It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye.”

4. I cannot stand the taste of honey, aka bee vomit. The whole concept is gross.

5. My stomach churns at the thought of riding a boat of any kind in the ocean. Boating on lakes and rivers? No problem. I chalk it up to disaster movies from the 70s like Jaws and the Poseidon Adventure.

6. I’ve had shingles twice, at ages 6 and 26. I’m bracing for the virus to re-emerge when I’m 46.

7. A more random aspect of my life is my checkered employment history. Some of the jobs I’ve had include tax prep clerk, Avon lady, cashier at McDonald’s, retail clerk, electronics and automotive clerk, clown, janitor, camp arts and crafts director, writing tutor, dispensing optician, reporter, graphic designer and magazine editor.
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  1. Thank you!!! Aren't you sweet! One of the best things that came out of the Kissing Day Blogfest was all the great writers I met! I never dreamed the day would go over so big and I would get to meet so many great people! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the award and congrats on receiving it yourself! :)

  3. Thank you, Laurel, and congratulations, as well. I love your parents' words of wisdom, and the protagonist story. Some stories do need to germinate or marinate or whatever they do. Neil Gaiman said he didn't write The Graveyard Book for many years after the initial idea, because he knew he wasn't ready.

  4. It sounds like you have led an interesting and varied life so far, "Laura". Congrats on the award. :-)

  5. Bee vomit! It is gross, now that I think about it.

    Thank you so much Laurel! And congratulations to you.

  6. Thank you for the award! :) I had Shingles when I was 25! It's awful isn't it?

  7. Congrats on your awards...but you really don't like honey? Oh my gosh, one of my fave treats is honey toast. But bee vomit...hmm, whole new revolting spin on it. Well.

  8. P.S. I love the ocean, but always from a distant. It always freaks me out, too.

  9. Guess what - I have another award for you at my blog! Don't worry. It comes with no rules. :)

  10. Congrats on your award and thank you so much for passing it along to me!!! :)

    Bee vomit? *shudder* Suddenly a whole new disgusting take on honey. I'm thinking that there are going to be a lot of blog followers here who are going to be a little squeamish about eating honey from now on! LOL.

  11. Sherrinda: You're welcome. Thanks again for getting the whole blogfest idea going--such fun!

  12. Roni: As I said on your blog, thank YOU. A number of your recent posts have touched on exact issues I've been struggling with.

  13. Natalie: my hubby tells me bees have a separate system for honey processing, so it's not *exactly* vomit. Still, it's a product from a BUG. That puts it on the disgusting scale somewhere, right?

  14. Tricia: You're welcome, friend. Can you tell my parents were kids during the Great Depression? (I was a late-in-life child for them.) I hope my process will encourage others to revive ideas and see value in how life experiences shape us as writers.

  15. Shannon: my teen friends think I'm "a character," which I guess I can live with. If you need balloon animals at your next kids' party, or your broken glasses fixed, give me a call. :-)

    Ooh, an award with NO RULES? Yee ha! Thanks, friend!

  16. Kristi: Thank you for the Honest Scrap!
    I'm sorry to hear you're a fellow shingles sufferer. The zoster virus, which is supposed to go dormant after one chicken pox outbreak, can reactivate multiple times for some of us. My grandmother had at least five bouts in her lifetime. It is excruciating!

  17. Carolina: I also don't like real maple syrup. I think my taste has been overly shaped by processed corn-based sweeteners. Straight-up natural products seem slightly off. The whole bug aspect of honey is also off-puting.

    The ocean is both lovely and dangerous. I guess that's what makes it such a powerful archetype in literature.

  18. Rhonda: you're welcome for the award.
    Sorry for raining on the honey parade. Not my intention--just trying to explain my strange aversion to it.

  19. I like your dad's advice. I shall remember it and pass it on to my children. :)

    Plus, remind me never to bring mead to crit group.