Friday, February 19

Posted by Laurel Garver on Friday, February 19, 2010 9 comments
We're just days away from some serious fun, but only if you help to make it happen. On Monday, I'll be hosting the Whoops! Blogfest, a festival of gaffes, blunders and embarrassing moments from your work-in-progress, a favorite author, film or YouTube.

Consider this your personal invitation to join in. Please don't reduce me to comment hijacking. Please. I'm abysmal at pushy. You should've seen me attempt to be an Avon Lady. Can we say panic attacks?

Ah, thank you, friends.

How can you help? A few simple things:
Talk it up
Even if you don't do funny, or just can't spare the time, you can be a conduit of information for those who might find the festival fun.

I will be offering a prize to the blogger who can send me the most participants!
Yep, you could win a 10-page critique. From a professional editor. (That would be me, in case you're wondering. I have 14 years' editing experience and a master's degree in journalism. Oh, and I was #1 in my graduating class. Just sayin', this is a pretty good prize, folks.)

Remind your followers to tell me who sent them, so you are credited for your promotional efforts.

-Sign up HERE.
-Let folks know you're participating by mentioning it on your own blog and/or Twitter. You could win a 10-page critique for sending me the most participants.
-Polish your scene and post it on Monday 2/22. Show us your genre's unique spin on stupid.
-Visit other participants' blogs, enjoy their offerings and tell them so.

Need some convincing that blogfests are worth doing? Check out this post.
Let's have too, too, too many laughs on 2/22!
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  1. I don't think I have anything in a WIP that would work, but I'll send people on over here, and I can't wait to chuckle on Monday!!

  2. I think the cafeteria scene you showed me would be perfect. The one where Elliot is trying to hide and the teacher catches her? I loved that bit. You should totally post it--it's awesome.

  3. I promise! I will pimp this for you tomorrow! :)

  4. Hi!

    First--I just found your blog today (not sure how I missed it before) and I loved some of your posts, so I'm following you now (and I mean that in a non, creepy, stalkerish way, I promise)

    Second: I WISH I could participate--because my MC is the QUEEN of whoopsies, but--I'm getting ready to start querying (my goal is Feb 28th--AHHHHH!!!!!) and everyone warned me not to have any of my MS posted online when I do.

    So I'm so sorry I can't join, but I still look forward to getting to know you better. I love connecting with other writers and bloggers. :)

  5. Simon: many thanks!

    Shannon: Thanks for the follow. Feel free to post a whoops moment from a favorite author. Wishing you all the best as you prepare for query wars!

  6. I've tried to think of one and I can't. I'm sorry to be a party poop, just haven't written such a scene but maybe I should.

  7. I can't do blog fest this monday, but I will try to get around to read everyone's entries.

    Have fun!

  8. This sounds like a lot of fun! I think I have just the scene. It might not be exactly what you're looking for, but we'll see...

  9. Tricia: that's cool. Not everyone does humor. Hope you get a chance to enjoy everyone's entries.

    Elle: Your shout-out was a great help. Thanks!

    Nisa: Great! I don't have any particular kind of thing in mind--it's a writing prompt, give us your spin on it. :-)