Wednesday, February 24

Posted by Laurel Garver on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 32 comments
A HUGE thanks to all the participants in the Whoops! Blogfest. You all made it awesomely fun! When you get a moment, please let me know where you heard about it. Just drop me a note in the comments. Thanks!

Now for the poll. Tell me which blog topic you'd like me to tackle next:

A. Narrative misdirection -- using"sleight of hand" in your plot
B. Creating dialogue in layers
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  1. I heard about it from you. :)

    And... B.

  2. You say sleight of hand and I instantly perk up! hehe! That's my vote.

  3. I read about it right here. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad I participated.

    I choose B. I use lots of dialogue.

  4. Oh! Of course! I saw it on Simon's blog. It was a lot of fun, by the way!

    And either of those options look good to me.

  5. I found it when I went through the Love At First Sight Blogfest participants-- but it was seeing that Just Another Sarah had signed up on her blog that made me commit. So, Courtney Reese and Sarah both played a roll? I don't know how you want to count that :)

  6. I just saw other people's entries so like a lemming I had to post my own.
    I vote for B since I have no idea what that is.

  7. Hey, Laurel! I saw the first mention of the blogfest at Nicole's blog (

    I'm intrigued by your "sleight of hand" post!

  8. I heard about it from Nisa, but hers was really the only one I read. I didn't have a chance to post one of my own. (Next time, though!) I vote for A, though both topics sound really good.

  9. I read about it on Tiffany Neal's blog "Tiffany Neal." Thanks for hosting it! What a fun contest :)

  10. I read about the blogfest right here - after clicking on your link on the Love At First Sight blogfest.

  11. I read about it first on Simon's blog and then checked for details on yours. Thanks. It was great fun.

  12. I found the blogfest on Amalia's blog. :)

    Thanks for hosting it- I had fun!

  13. Why, Miss Laurel, I heard about it from you ;)

    And I vote for A. I LOVE Dialogue, but I've beaten that topic to a pulp already. Would love to hear more on misdirection.

    By the way, thanks for hosting such a fab blogfest. So much fun!

  14. Found it on Simon's blog and came running over. Both topics sound great, but I write mysteries so narrative misdirection is essential. I vote for A.

  15. I found it on Stephanie's Hatshepsut blog.
    And I vote for A!

  16. I saw this earlier (before your comment on my blog--thank you, btw!), but couldn't remember who it was. After your prompting I thought about it and Nisa kept popping to mind, sure enough I left a comment thanking her in her link post :)

    I vote for A.

  17. Hi, Laurel! I actually didn't know about your blogfest until I happened across Carol's blog and read her story.

    That's how I met you!

  18. Sleight of hand, please!

    ... and p.s....

    you are adorable! I can't help but think so!

  19. I read about it on Donna Hole's and Tina Lynn's blogs. This was great fun. Thanks again for doing it. :)

  20. I first heard of the blogfest here, but I also visit tons of blogs where it was mentioned.

  21. I'm pretty sure I read about it on your blog, although someone else mentioned it, too. But I can't remember who, sorry.

  22. Thanks so much, Whoops! Blogfest participants. I think my superior shout-out winner is...SIMON.

    The irony is, Simon wins a 10 page crit and he's one of my crit partners! I guess this means, my friend, that you can use "10-page crit from Laurel" as a giveaway on your own blog. You're about to hit 200. So there you go. How's that for a prize? I just made your next contest that much easier.

  23. Nisa: it's a useful trick for lots of genres. Thanks for voting and festing!

    Mary: Glad it was fun! Thanks for festing and voting.

    Sarah: Glad you enjoyed. It was fun!

    Amalia: Hmm...I think I have to give Simon partial credit as instigator of this chain.

    Impatus: General buzz is good. Thanks for festing and voting also.

    Lizzy: Thanks for letting me know and for voting!

  24. Angie: These fests abound. When one appeals, hop on in! Thanks for voting.

    Kristen: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

    Lena: Ah, I suppose Courtney gets some credit, then.

    Courtney: Indeed. Thanks again for hosting the LaFS Fest. It was swoony awesomeness.

    Roxy: You're most welcome. Thanks for participating.

  25. Stephanie: Hmm, tricky: Amalia > Sarah > Simon. I guess that's called "going viral". :-) Thanks for participating.

    Carol: Yes, lots of folks have talked dialogue (pun intended). Thanks for voting. I think your choice is in the lead still.

    VR: yes, a tool of mystery writers that's useful in other genre applications!

    Tiffany: Thanks for letting me know!

    Dreamstate: Wow! The uberviral chain! Stephanie > Amalia > Sarah > Simon. Kewl.

    Tara: Thanks for letting me know and for festing and voting!

  26. Elizabeth: Ah, Cool! Aren't these webs of connection fascinating?

    Amber: Thanks for voting...and making me feel less ancient. :-)

    AJ: Ah ha. I think Donna > Simon. You're welcome. Thanks for participating.

    Laura: No worries. I think my superior shout-out helper is becoming clear.

    Julie: Ah...which leads back to Simon. A common theme. :-) Thanks for letting me know!

  27. Wow, I honestly can't remember. I saw it in several places and just kept seeing it. So, I thought, "Hey, I should do this, too!"

  28. Tina: Oh, good, general buzz. I'm glad the fest finally got there. I was a wee bit worried the turnout would be very thin. Thanks again for participating!