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Posted by Laurel Garver on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 16 comments

Many thanks to Jen Daiker of unedited for passing along the Prolific Blogger award to me.

The award is described thusly:
"A Prolific Blogger is one who is intellectually productive...keeping up an active blog that is filled with enjoyable content."

The rules for this one are as follows:
1. Every winner of the Prolific Blogger Award has to pass on this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers. Spread some love!
2. Each Prolific Blogger must link to the blog from which he/she has received the award. (see above).
3. Every Prolific Blogger must link back to this post, which explains the origins and motivation for the award.
4. Every Prolific Blogger must visit this post and add his/her name in the Mr. Linky, so that we can get to know the other winners.

Here are my nominees:

-Anne at Piedmont Writer, who somehow juggles multiple writing projects and encouraging posts.

-Aubrie at Flutey Words is the epitome of prolific. She is on fire with submitting short fiction!

-Charity at My Writing Journey digs in to what makes fiction work on an emotional level.

-Crystal at Write Because You Must grapples so deeply with what it is to be creative. And she paints too!

-Mary at Play off the Page is another deep thinker whose posts stretch my mind, heart and soul.

-Roni at Fiction Groupie consistently encourages great discussions by tackling tough topics and her "Beta Club" is simply inspired.

-Sarahjayne at Writing in the Wilderness consistently knocks my socks off with her craft, especially her ability to write tight. Her snippets teach me tons.

Microfiction challenge update
Kudos to Michelle Gregory at Beautiful Chaos for getting two pieces accepted to Two Sentence Stories! You can go rate her stories here: You Can't Run Forever and Day Job. These e-zines often have very quick turn arounds. Hope that inspires you!

Tell me about a time when you were prolific. What was it that drove you to great heights of productivity?

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  1. Ha! I am embarrassed to admit I'm all about the money. I had one serial short story accepted for publication and the money they paid me was enough for me to IMMEDIATELY start on another one. I can be very productive when there are dollar signs (well, pound signs) in front of my eyes.

  2. congrats and thanks for mentioning my two sentence stories.

  3. Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it along to me! I'm glad you're enjoying the Beta Club. :)

  4. Thanks for the award and congratulations to you to.

    I don't think I'm prolific by any means, however every once in a while I sit back from my computer screen and say, "Damn, that was some good writing!"

    As to heights of productivity, when I get blocked I clean. Clean, clean, clean, that's why my house is such a mess right now.

  5. I am feeling prolific right now. Many thanks for the award and affirmations!! This coffee shop drama was percolating and has now poured forth. The caffeine, the conversation, the inspiration, and the love of words (and eavesdropping) are pressing me onward and upward. Blessings! And, a lucky day to you!!

  6. Thanks Laurel, I'm very honored :)

    Honestly blogging helps me be prolific, I feel energized seeing all these other writers and artists and hearing how they create.

  7. Jenna: Ooh, that's a good motivation--rewards!

    Michelle: here's hoping it gets you some more votes.

    Roni: You're welcome. I haven't commented much on the Beta Club posts because you do such a superb job critting, but I'm learning lots. And it's such a great service for those who aren't in a crit group (I'm in TWO!)

    Anne: Well, your posts always motivate me, whether you're cooking on a manuscript or digging post holes out in the yard. :-)

    Mary: Your enthusiasm is contagious. Glad you're having so much fun with your script project.

    Crystal: You're welcome. Positive peer pressure, right?

  8. Congrats on the award!

    I find myself surprised by bursts of prolifickness (yes, I know, it's not a real word - but I like it!). These bursts come when I least expect them, and sometimes at incredibly inconvenient moments! But they're fun :)

  9. Congrats on the award! I am most prolific when school is out. Summer is in 10 weeks and it would be great if I could pound out the rest of Draft #1 on Book #2.

  10. Congrats on your award! I used to be a prolific writer. Back before I joined the online community. I've written 12 novels, and only two of them are good. And I haven't written anything for a long while as I've been revising. I really need to get back into that...

  11. Congrats on what I think is the PERFECT award for you. :-)

    I'm most prolific after hours of blogging. (Yes, I said hours. No, it doesn't happen that often) :-)

  12. Congrats on the award and thank you for passing it on to me even though I don't feel very prolific at the moment. :) And congrats to Michelle, too. She is an inspiration.

  13. Jemi: It's been a while since I had one of those bursts. They do seem to come when I'm really busy with other things! I wonder if that's the secret formula.

    Stephanie: Start planning now, and I bet you'll fly like the wind when the free time opens up.

    Elena: I'd LOVE to know the key to prolific revising!! It's ten times slower than drafting. And yes, blogging does cut into writing time. But you have nearly 1,000 followers, so that ups the pressure to keep the blog a pretty high priority.

    Shannon: Aw, thanks. I'm blushing. Blog writing can be a good warm-up exercise, especially, as you say, if you write a number of posts in one sitting.

    Sarahjayne: you're most welcome. I think the intellectually productive description fits you just fine. :-)

  14. You ARE intellectually productive--and enjoyable! So congrats on an award well deserved.

  15. Congrats on your award! I'm the most prolific after I haven't written in a while, believe it or not. Sometimes I burn out after pushing myself too much. I spent hours writing on Sunday, and haven't touched my novel since then, but today I'm feeling like I could write all day.

  16. Thank you so much for this award! I don't know how I missed this until now! I even gained a few more followers because of it. Thank you so much!