Saturday, March 6

Posted by Laurel Garver on Saturday, March 06, 2010 17 comments
Why is it I had the overwhelming urge to add (uh-huh, uh-huh) to that title? Probably my 70s childhood. And my daughter's strange love for disco. And my hubby's favorite prank, stealth disco (though usually without the videotaping component). And I'm rambling in a manner very atypical for my blog. So sue me.

Amber at Musings of Amber Murphy tagged me for the like/love/hate meme. And hey, it's only taken me a week to get around to it. Seriously, though, I'm trying to be better about scheduling my posts. You might notice I've begun to post a meaty how-to piece every Thursday. The other days will be what strikes my fancy when it strikes me. I like a little routine and a little flex.

And here are some other things I like (and love and hate) per the meme.

I like
discovering a kindred spirit.

I like sweater weather.

I like making up stories about my fellow train commuters.

I like crazy gatherings with my extended family (I'm one of the quiet ones!).

I like making a little mischief.

I like being understood.

I like making a difference.

I like stargazing.

I like rivers and trees.

I like themes, motifs and surprising connections.

I like knowing my kooky life experiences are entertaining.

I like where my life is going.

I love that God is faithful when I am faithless.

Today was my first spring peek at the mysteries poking up through the soil in my garden: tiny tips of tulips, new leaves on mums, rose foliage red on the stem. I remember again that God grows things secretly in the dark places.

I hate injustice and oppression.

I hate gory violence in film or books.

I hate litter.

I hate plumbing disasters.

I hate public speaking and having to be clever on command.

I hate being late.

I hate driving behind a brake tapper.

I hate sweating.

I (secretly) like liverwurst.

I love making music with words that transport and transform.

I pass this bit of fun along to the following bloggers:

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JEM at Can I Get a Side of Reality with That?
Karen at Write Now
Sarahjayne at Writing in the Wilderness

Tell me about
your today. Was it productive? Fun? Frustrating? Did it involve any stealth disco?
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  1. A Saturday surprise! Thanks for thinking of me! Will have to give this some thought. Stay tuned to my blog for the answers:)
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. Wow. I love your list. I'll have to think about mine. And thanks for passing this on to me. Happy Saturday. :)

  3. I hate being late, too! And I wanted to add uh huh uh huh as well and I was an 80's girl :)

  4. Okay, I really need to jump in here with, MYMYMYMYMYMYMYMYMY boogie shoes. Sorry, I couldn't help it.

  5. No disco. I'm immersed in words today, reading them, thinking about them, reading and thinking about people. Wondering what my true calling as a writer is. Contemplative. That's my word for the day.

  6. Stealth disco sounds like fun!! And thanks so much for getting that song stuck in my head!

    Great answers :)

  7. Hahahaha! Stealth disco...that's a new one for me. Very funny.

    So nice to learn more about you, Laurel. I'm not a fan of brake tappers either, on the road anyway. When it comes to making decisions, I'm very much a brake tapper.

  8. Great list. I'm not much of a hate person. There are a lot of things I dislike, some things more strongly than others, but there are few things that I truly hate. I save my hate for BIG things, like pedophiles.

  9. Awe thanks Laurel I appreciate it! I'll post mine tomorrow, even though I'm supposed to be unplugged!

    I'm with Bish I dislike things, but I don't hate so I'll adjust to my taste!!

  10. Karen: Have fun with it. Looking forward to seeing your answers.

    Sarahjayne: Thanks. Can't wait to see what you do with this.

    Aubrie: Disco is in a league all its own. Whenever I'm late, I feel I must apologize and explain, though largely no one else seems to care that much. Sigh. It's a rather dumb hang-up, especially in an urban area.

    Anne: Ha ha! It's usually Funky Town that gets stuck in my head. (and thanks for coming by and following!)

  11. Mary: sounds like a lovely way to spend Saturday.

    Jemi: It's an older blogosphere phenom that seems due for a comeback. Hubby forgets that I have good hearing and can almost always tell that he's jiving behind me.

    Carol: If you like that one, google "team ghosting." It's another goofy prank from two Aussie comics.

    Bish: I read "hate" more loosely as "things that make me crazy," "things that give me anxiety attacks," and "things that make me miserable". It's mostly that first thing--injustice and oppression--that makes smoke blow out my ears. And I'm pretty sure Jesus would be with me on that one. ;-)

    Jen: No hurry at all, and adjust as you wish. It's just a fun getting-to-know-you exercise.

  12. I like lists like this!

    And I like stargazing too. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Fun post! Delighted I popped in :)

  14. Now, wasn't that a fun meme?! I particularly liked you homage to spring.

    Only you, Laurel, could make this meme that breathtaking and beautiful.

    My today so far has been the opposite of productive. However, since I am a little under the weather, I don't have to feel guilty about it. :)

  15. Not Stealth disco, but definitely some stealth tap dancing . . . while waiting for a Bible study to start after church . . .

    What I really wanted to tell you is:
    I'm giving you the Creative Writer Award! Enjoy!

  16. Katie: Thanks. I think stargazing is what I miss most living in the city. Too much ambient light here--we have to drive several hours to see a quality night sky.

    Wendy: Many thanks. I'm always glad to know someone other than just my CPs pop by.

    Amber: It was fun. And a good exercise in pithy. Sorry to hear you are feeling bleh. Get well soon!

    Tyrean: Hee hee. It had to be soft-shoe if there was stealth involved. And thanks for the award. I'll come check it out.

  17. Aww, thank you Laurel! I finally got to post my response, check it out!

    You rock!