Tuesday, August 31

Posted by Laurel Garver on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 5 comments
I'm still collecting votes about my upcoming 202 followers contest. Once you fill out the widget at the top of the page and click "VOTE," it should give you poll results as a slide show after a 5-10 second delay. If you're having trouble using the thing (this might be a PC vs. Mac issue), you can also fill out the widget HERE (or so say the fine widget-creating folks at GlowDay).

I thought it might be helpful to clarify some of the possible answers also, since the widget limited the number of characters I could use.

Here's some clarification on question 3, "How should I select winners?"

1. Random drawing of followers
You do nothing. New followers each have one entry, existing followers have two.

2. Draw based on entries
You get extra chances to win by tweeting and linking on your blog.

3. Writing contest
You write something, I judge it. If this appeals, you can tell me more of what you'd like to submit in question 4.

4. Both 1 and 3
A two-part contest with multiple prizes, like I did with the Eleventy-one Contest. There'd be a random drawing based on luck, writing component based on skill.

5. Both 2 and 3
Again, a two-part contest with multiple prizes. Part one would be a drawing of the luckiest horn-tooter, part two, the most skilled writer.

Hope that makes sense!

Do you have other questions about this, or about grammar/usage? I'd love to do more "Editor-on-Call" posts, so don't be shy!
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  1. I like it drawn from your followers and excerpts are great!


  2. Wow, love the fancy widget thingy. It's hard--I do a lot of different contests, and I've tried a lot of different things. Some work better than others. I think people go crazy sometimes because of the prize. Sometimes because you hit a busy week and a lot of people are blog hopping. It's kinda unpredictable. :)

  3. If there's a writing component I like it to be "bad" writing. Whether it's bad similes, bad queries, bad first impressions, whatever. Bad takes the pressure off when there are so many people gawking at your stuff! LOL

  4. Makes perfect sense!

    The widget is interesting; will have to give it a try sometime. :)

  5. I should have read this first before voting. I like the two-part contest idea. Part by luck, part by skill or creativity. I've never seen a journal entry contest before. That could be wild & fun!