Monday, August 30

Posted by Laurel Garver on Monday, August 30, 2010 15 comments
Well, friends, I've reached another blog milestone--202 followers. Those who've been following a while know of my geeky love of symmetry, as evidenced in my Eleventy-one followers contest and the Whoops! Blogfest held on 2/22.

My last contest had both a luck component (random drawing) and a skill component (writing contest), but no horn-tooting component (points for tweeting and blog sidebars and the like). Would I have 600 followers by now if I'd done that back in March? No idea. I've never attempted horn-tooting. I just do my thing here and hope it's useful to someone.

I'm feeling a little conflicted about how to run this celebration, so I thought I'd democratize and let you all tell me what you'd like. I'll be collecting responses to the questionnaire in the widget above until Friday midnight eastern time.

Tell me about your experiences with blog contests--hosting and participating. What do you love? What do you hate?


  1. When I click on vote, nothing seems to happen?

  2. Hmm...I tried it and it gave me a little slideshow of the results so far. Maybe try it again?

  3. I love a contest! I've won a Kindle, and a book shelf worth of books through this blogging community!

  4. I like the writing contests, like the blogfests, I think they really encourage creativity as long as they don't coincide on the same day as another blog fest.

  5. First, Congrats on all your followers- although I don't comment on every post you do, I do always read them ;) I've learned SO much from stopping by here. As for contests, I guess you can call me lazy. I like contest where all you have to do it enter your name and leave it to luck. I enjoy participating in blogfests but with them it's usually something I've had time to write and revise. There are days when I can't seem to get my own post up on my blog with life being so crazy that contest where I have to write, I usually don't enter because I don't have the time. But, that's just me.

  6. Bad simile writing contest FTW!

    And congrats on the follower milestone, Laurel. Too, oh too cool.... *snarf* :)

  7. The only blog "contests" that I like involve leaving a comment and getting my name in a drawing for a book or journal or some other lovely thing. I don't to any horn-tootin' either (I'm more of a pianist). But, they do bring in readers. I'm like you, just putting my best effort out there because I LIKE to, because I feel connected, because I think I have something to offer the world. The world will decide if it's worth their time. Congrats! Your content alone appeals to all these 200+ followers. (I also like symmetry - and even numbers - it seems a little obsessive, but hey, we all need something to obsess about!)

  8. I like them easy both as a contestant and a hostess. I don't have time to count up entries and double check to see who tweeted/posted/whatever.

    I enjoy reading entries, but I don't think you get as many entrants that way as so many of us just don't have the time to write something.

    Congrats on 202!

  9. I prefer contests that accept comments over the writing ones. Don't get me wrong, I love to write, just don't always have time to write or assemble an entry. Congrats on your milestone!

  10. Congrats on reaching 200 followers! I'm almost getting contested out, ever since so many bloggers came back from BEA with so many books they didn't know what to do with them. Contests take time - to enter to - so I only pick easy ones. I follow, I comment, I tweet and that's about it. If anything else is asked, I don't enter. Blogging takes enough time - if you really add up all the time it takes to enter contests - it's a lot. So, that's why I'm all about simple. But that's just me.

    And as far as horn tooting - in the end it's the blog and the content that gets more followers and people commenting, not contests.

  11. Tamika: glad to hear you're so enthusiastic about the idea.

    Summer: Timing can be tricky. If I do a writing component, it will be something low-effort.

    Kelly: I understand--I also read more than I comment on other blogs, especially when I'm feeling fatigued and can't come up with much to say. I'll be curious to see if others agree with your leaning toward luck-based contests.

    Simon: Hope I get enough votes for the bad similes contest, 'cause it would be fun to judge. And you know me with my geeky word play...Just. Can't. Resist. It's a sickness. LOL.

    Mary: As a last-born, I've done the "do anything to get attention" which only annoyed my siblings. Tooting one's own horn feels like the same scenario all over, so I avoid it. :-) Cafe Press has some AWSOME fun stuff for writers (mugs, t-shirts, magnets, etc.) that I'd love to use as prizes. Hope that gets votes!

    Vicki: my last contest had both luck and writing for the reason you mention. I might try the get extra entries thing--if I can find a widget to do the calculating--just as a matter of curiosity.

    Karen: good to know. Thanks for your vote.

    Laura: That makes sense--keeping up with contests takes time for sure. I couldn't agree more about content over contests, thus my conflicted feelings. :-)

  12. This is great! I filled out the widget but clicked "vote" and nothing happened. Guess I'll tell you here that I like blog contests and I think it'd be fun to enter one of yours. :)

  13. I love blog contests. I also love the creativity behind all of them!! Depending on what I'm giving away depends all on how I allow someone to enter.

    My favorite is when giving away a book I do a giveaway that relates to the novel of choice. Next week I'm setting up a giveaway and the book has to do with rumors, the contest will consist of someone giving their best rumors about me (all fun and made up of course) and whoever has the best wins!!

  14. I hate that I've never won a blog contest.:( I love that there are so many generous bloggers out there.

  15. Hi Laurel -

    Congratulations on 202 Followers! I enjoy your blog, and sometimes link to a specific post.

    Susan :)