Monday, November 1

Posted by Laurel Garver on Monday, November 01, 2010 16 comments
For some of us, November isn't the month to become drafting warriors. Perhaps you're in the midst of querying and have a draft underway, or have been revising a while and need to maintain momentum. Or maybe you're just a bit tired, period, and haven't been able to write much of anything for a while.

I'm in categories A and C. And it's the latter area that concerns me. It's not block, it's burnout. What I need is time to fill up and recharge.

I propose a month of creativity-building and moving forward on existing work as new energy comes. I'm calling it

National Balanced Writers Month
more creativity, less guilt

If you're interested in joining the fun this month, let me know. Then post your own goals and the small step you plan to take. You can read mine HERE.

What are you up to this November? Want to be my NaBalWriMo buddy?


  1. I just finished my latest MS no way am I starting a brand new MS today. I need to go back and edit and tighten and do all that good stuff! My goal is to have this story edited by the end of the month!

  2. After much deliberation, I fired my MC over the weekend. She's out. Period. I issued an emergency casting call for the immediate opening of heroine for my MS, someone vibrant, strong, conflicted but courageous (all the things that last air-head was not). I think I hired the perfect gal, and starting today I'm revamping the chapters where MC narrates. In the meantime, I worked on a new chapter today in the antagonist's POV, and got 1467 words down. So far, November is off with a bang!

  3. I love this idea, Laurel! I'm not sure how balanced my November will be, though, with all I've got on!

  4. Oh my gosh. I JUST posted about burn out today! I love your new and improved NaNo idea :) Recharging sounds great and I'm trying find ways to efficiently do it! Good luck with everything! I love this post.

  5. A Balanced Writer. Humm.... what a thought!


  6. Thanks for the gift to be creative in my own way. I like your goals. They seem to be motivated by the spirit. My plan is to finish my script and organize a read-through with actor friends. I'm teaching a journaling class at a women's retreat. And, start one project. That's all. I'm not a time-waster, but I do take a nap now and then to recharge! And, movies. I'll follow your lead and watch movies. Great idea.

  7. Laurel, I love this idea and I love your goals. I had a goal to write 45 K on my novel last month, and I surpassed that, so I already did my own version of NaNo and it wore me out.

    I definitely want to re-energize myself physically, spiritually, and emotionally, too. And I want to spend more time with family. I'm going to continue to write on my WIP but I'll be happy if I get 5 K each week.

  8. I am with you completely Laurel! I named my novel writing month, MeNoWriMo (Melissa's Novel Writing Month) in which I do what works best for me this month. I'm setting some writing goals and having fun with it. Yay for writing in November! :-)

  9. Stephanie: Congrats! Now's a great time to recharge and give the ms a little breathing room before you attempt revisions.

    Nicole: WOW, that's major. But it's great to make a breakthrough like that. Good luck with the casting call. :-)

    Shannon: Yeah, the name is a bit hokey. Cause that's how I roll. :-)

    Talli: all the more reason to make self-care one of your goals! In times of busyness, our creative energy can tap out if we aren't careful.

  10. Saumya: glad this hit just the right note for you. Hope you find some fun things to recharge.

    Kristal: It takes thought and planning to not let one part of life dominate, don't you think?

    Mary: Your goals sound great! It's some of your journaling prompts and Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird that is nudging me to be more reflective to discover my deepest passions so I have the heart and spirit to write things that matter.

  11. Cindy: I did a major rewrite in a short time earlier this year--it is draining! Hope your time of recharging is refreshing.

    Melissa: Cute! Taking at your own pace sounds like a good plan to me--you'll likely get more polished work sooner.

    Victoria: I'd blogged last week about saying No to NaNo, and realized what I wanted most to say "yes" to was feeling more energized, creative and connected. So here's my plan. :-)

  12. What will help me feel most energized right now is line editing my first seventeen chapters to remove some of the obvious clunkers. That should take me a day or two, then I will move on to some drafting. But because this is a revision, it's not the typical NaNo project. So I'm glad someone else is with me on the balance!

  13. I really love the idea of balance, but I am just so bad at doing it. Great post, Laurel.

  14. Rosslyn: Your plans for the month sound very do-able and sane. Hope you're able to work in some quality fun that feeds you.

    Roxy: I know what you mean. This month is my experiment to see if by being more intentional I can balance my many responsibilities better. We'll see how it goes.