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It's day three of Harry Potter week, and I'm teaming up with five fabulous women to celebrate all things Harry. Swing on by the blogs below for more Pottermania!

Jen Daiker
Lisa Galek
Renae Mercado
Colene Murphy
Melissa Wideen

Do you ever wish YOU could play quidditch? Good news--now you can!

Muggle Quidditch, my friends, is the awesome new sport sweeping high school and college campuses. To see a game in action, check out this video:

Last weekend was the Muggle Quidditch World Cup in NYC. The International Quidditch Association hosted 46 teams playing off for the world cup title. Middlebury--the team featured in the video above--took the 2010 championship.

More on the World Cup madness from New York Magazine is HERE.

What do you think--is this fandom gone too far (and too silly)? Or are you off to find your local club or varsity team to cheer them on (HERE is the link)?
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  1. I've heard of that. I'm looking forward to the movie. :D

  2. I really think it's cool that they are taking this to the next level, but I also think that it looks kind of lame just to run around a field with broomsticks between your legs. It's just not Quidditch if you're not flying :)

    I'd like to see a match though!

  3. I love that they've taken an interest in something so many people love and made it something educational, different fun. I'm with Lisa though, it's not Quidditch if you're not flying, that's what makes it different.

    That being said, if we can get some brooms, trick wire, and a golden snitch, consider me there!

  4. "if you aren't flying, it ain't Quidditch!" Ah...I have to agree. It's a nice amazing idea, but can't we get these people airborne? its 2010 for crying out loud! Where are the hovercrafts!?

  5. Stina: It just recently came to my attention that muggles were attempting quidditch. Kinda funny, huh?

    Angela: I have mixed feelings. It's awesome that folks are this into the lore--but it does look kind of silly.

    Lisa: I agree wholeheartedly with you there. I can't help but wonder if there's some other way to attempt quidditch that would look less silly. Maybe jet skis on water?

  6. Jen: It just makes me giggle, frankly. But I've learned from being a church youth worker that dignity is highly overrated. :-) But yes, sans flying this loses 90% of its cool factor.

    Colene: Preach it! Why is it we don't have more personal flight technology? Really? When I was little, everyone was sure we'd be in flying cars by 2000.

  7. I think this video makes Muggle Quidditch look pretty cool:

  8. It looks kind of silly with them just running, to be honest. Flying is what it's all about. But, tht being said. This just goes to show the kind of love and adoration of HP fans everywhere. I love all the stuff that's come out of the series. It's just amazing.

  9. I just realized that Texas has a quidditch team. Too bad I graduated last year, otherwise, I'd've been all over that.

    Yay Harry Potter! :)

  10. I had never heard of that. Too funny! It amazes me the things that have come out of this series!

  11. I've heard of this - I think they held a tourney on Cape Cod last year. My kids "play Quidditch" in teh summer in their sailing lessons - the instructors put out floating baskets and they use tennis balls and beach balls - and a painted gold tennis ball floats around as the snitch. They've held a Harry Potter theme week for the last few summers - the kids love it.

  12. Joel: I'll have to check it out.

    Melissa: It's hard to deny the appeal of all this enthusiasm, but yeah, running is not as cool looking as flying.

    Shayda: You can still go back and cheer them on!

    Renae: Pretty wild, huh?

    Katie: I was thinking water-based quidditch would be cooler looking than land-based running. Your kids' experience sounds really fun!

  13. That is so clever!! Leave it to college kids to figure out how to play an imaginary game, that requires riding brooms, and giving it life. They're bound to the ground, yet follow all the rules as if they're flying. Amazing!