Friday, February 25

Posted by Laurel Garver on Friday, February 25, 2011 10 comments
The Republic of Pemberley site is holding a short story contest, "Jane Austen Made Me Do It." Click HERE to read the stories and vote for your top three favorites.

One might question whether this is a popularity contest or a skill-based one. Perhaps it's a bit of both, so I really wanted to draw your attention to the entry by the talented Jenna Wallace, who was one of my writing contest winners last year. Her story is #74 "Intent and Intensity." It's a clever and really well-written updating of Sense and Sensibility.

Swing on by before 2/28 and give our blogger pal your support! Her work definitely deserves it.

What do you think of updated classics?


  1. I made a cup of tea and thoroughly enjoy time spent reading so many wonderful stories. I felt as though I fell into a treasure trove of talent and creativity. I voted, but, gosh, it was difficult to decide.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'll go check it out. I like that title "Intent and Intensity."

  3. LOL I wonder what Jane would think if she knew how her books had evolved over the centuries.

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out, Laurel. And thanks to everyone who votes (whether for me or otherwise...there are so many worthwhile stories!).

    And Stina, I'd like to think she'd poke gentle fun at both us and herself for this!

  5. I like updated classics! These stories are so clever. I voted for Jenna's wonderful story (I really love the title!). Good luck to her!

  6. Kittie: Such fun, weren't they? I especially liked the variety of takes: some Regency Romance featuring Austen's peripheral characters, some contemporary stories with Austen's plots, some parody. So much talent!

    Lydia: The title is wonderfully clever. The story itself did not disappoint.

    Stina: I agree with Jenna's comment below. Austen had a very wry sense of humor and would have especially enjoyed seeing other writers being inspired to poke fun at their own milieu.

  7. Jenna: It was my pleasure. I REALLY loved your piece and wanted to be sure it got a fair shake!

    Laura: Thanks for supporting Jenna. Great story, right? :-)

  8. I must admit, I'm skeptical when it comes to updating classics. But I shall grab a cup of tea, and read through the entries. Thank you for bringing the contest to my attention.

  9. when I was in single-digits, I wrote and my BFF illustrated a book we called "Dignity & Detriment." --LOL! I don't think it in any way resembled Pride & Prejudice, which I'd never read. I just liked the sound of the words.

    Now, I don't know. I guess if the update's done well (e.g., Clueless), I like them~ :o) Best of luck to Jenna!

  10. I have mixed feelings about updated classics. Sometimes they work, other times, not so much.

    I just put up your poem: Graham at St. Stephens.