Monday, February 28

Posted by Laurel Garver on Monday, February 28, 2011 9 comments
Today is my final guest posting as February "poet of the month" at Angela Felsted's blog, My Poetry and Prose Place. Today's piece is called "Graham at St. Stephens." If you can spare a moment, stop by to take a peek.

It's another of my novel cutting-room floor experiments. You, too, could have fun reworking excised bits of larger works as poems or short stories. See my post "Giving Life to Peripheral Stories" for more details on doing just that.

Last day to vote!
Don't forget to visit the Republic of Pemberley to vote on stories in their short story contest. Click HERE to read the stories and vote for your top three favorites.

Jenna Wallace, who was one of my writing contest winners last year, has a wonderful entry, #74 "Intent and Intensity." It's a clever, well-written updating of Sense and Sensibility. I hope you can join me in supporting a gifted fellow blogger.

How was your weekend, friends?


  1. I'm off to check out your poem :)

  2. I've read all your poems! They're wonderful.

  3. It was a beautiful poem. Your use of words is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  4. Laurel, so glad I stopped by...your blog is gorgeous!

  5. I loved your poem, especially the detail, "moth-eaten tweed coat".

    You are talented and inspiring to me. Your tips are very helpful for my own writing. :)

  6. Thanks for these great links, Laurel. I'm excited to pop over and read your poem. Had a good weekend, btw. ;)

  7. Tara: Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy it.

    Laura: Aw, thanks. If you've ever seen Minnemingo Review from our college alma mater--I was one of the earliest poetry editors.

    Janet: Thanks so much. I've been away from poetry for a while and it feels great to be dipping in again.

  8. Nicole: thanks so much. In fiction, I mostly write YA like you, but I still love poetry.

    Jade: Thanks so much for your encouraging words.

    Roxy: Hope you like it. Good weekends are a reason to celebrate, I think. :-)

  9. I never get rid of the stuff I cut from my novels, I just put it in a folder in my documents, but I'd never though of turning it into short stories. Intriguing. One section I cut from my first novel was more than 20K long...It already is a short story and then some.