Friday, March 11

Posted by Laurel Garver on Friday, March 11, 2011 18 comments
Fellow poet/fiction writer Alberta Ross was so kind as to pass along the Stylish Blogger Award to me. Thanks, Alberta!

The rules of this one are to share seven things about myself and pass along the award to some other worthy bloggers. Here goes.

1. My black cat, Keats, looks just like Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon. Seriously. He even lost all his fangs due to gum disease, so we've taken to calling him Toothless, too.

2. Whenever I walk with someone, I'll usually be in step with them. It's one of those deep-seated marching band things.

3. Music that changes time signatures frequently makes me extremely anxious and agitated. Sufian Steven's latest album, for example, which my hubby adores, has this affect for this reason. After years in a drum line, you start to feel personally responsible for rhythms around you being "right." Weird, I know.

4. I like to read psychology books, style manuals and my rhyming dictionary for fun.

5. My favorite chore is doing the laundry, especially if I can dry things on my clothesline. Nothing is quite so soothing as sheets flapping in the breeze.

6. I have never broken my teenage habit of listening to the same album over and over all day long.

7. I know more about cars than my hubby does. He didn't have to take two years of classroom driver's ed. in which we learned why tire pressure is important, took written tests on engine parts and watched many grisly movies demonstrating what happens when you don't wear a seat belt or maintain your car or you drive too tired or tipsy.

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What odd habits do you still have that you acquired in your teen years?


  1. Thanks, Laurel!
    I didn't know you were a fellow drummer. One more reason to like you. :)

  2. I would LOVE to be able to hang clothes on a line. I guess I could if I wanted...I would love to see my neighbors faces!!! lol

  3. Your cat sounds so cute! And I love how laundry hanging outside smells like sunshine.

    When I get new music, I listen to it over and over again too!

  4. probably lots that I don't even realize. I'll listen to the same music over and over too, depending on my mood. Congrats on the award!

  5. Thanks for thinking of me Laurel!

    I do that music thing too-- the same album over and over during my commute

    And laundry-- definitely! But I like the peace and quiet of folding clothes in the basement. I time my laundry folding for when the kids are home (upstairs) and NPR is on.

  6. Laundry is one of my least favorite things. I grew up in an old farm house with almost not heat in the upstairs. We had to sleep under mountains of blankets in the winter and I still need to have a stack of blankets to go to sleep.

  7. I know next to zero about my car and its workings. I hate perpetuating the female stereotype, but I can't even change my own oil. *sigh*

  8. Congrats on the award!

    I like to replay the same song(s) all day long.

    And I love psychology books.

  9. Karen: I did mallet percussion (xylophone, bells), so I played drums only in concert season. I do loves me some tympani, though. :-)

    Nicole: I've heard that some suburbs make it against the rules to hang out your wash! So sad, because it is better for the environment to "solar dry" your laundry.

    Laura M.: Keats is a cutie, even without his fangs, poor old guy (he's almost 10). I too love the "sunshine smell" of hung-dry laundry.

    Laura P.: I have a couple albums that put me in just the right groove to work steadily, and it's easier to hit "replay" on the CD player than change discs. :-)

  10. Perri: NPR makes all chores better, doesn't it? I'm lucky to have my laundry room on the first floor, behind the kitchen overlooking my (modest urban) garden. It is pleasant to fold clothes there.

    Susan: I know lots of people who hate laundry, so that's usually what I offer to do for friends in crisis times. I like the feel of heavy blankets too--which means we probably spend too much on A/C in the summer! :-)

    Jemi: we didn't do hands-on car maintenance in driver's ed, but we did learn all the car systems and how they work, which is good stuff to know. The public school I attended was big on breaking stereotypes. Boys and girls together took both home economics and shop. Those power tool skills came in handy in college when I got to help build theater sets.

    Medeia: I'm glad to know I'm not alone in finding comfort in my music loops! And yes, psychology is interesting. So much of what I like about writing is exploring human behavior.

  11. Tympani was my favorite. I was wretched at sight-reading, though. At any competition, the judges would always give me high marks for my prepared piece and stare at me in confusion when I attempted the sight-read stuff.

  12. My sister and I would make up our own dance steps to disco music. Not a pretty sight :)

    I still do my own dance, but to country instead of disco.


  13. I do that same thing with listening to the same music over and over. I have this one CD that seems to help me get into writing mode, it actually goes back to my high school years! Scary! (my taste has changed except for that one Brandford Marsalis collection).

  14. Yeah I also listen to some songs all the time too because some of them are just too good!
    Nice blog!

    Follow me?

  15. Yup, I listen to the same cds over and over. Particularly fond of listening to the 80's music I loved as a teen.;D

  16. Congrats to you and the new winners! Teen habits of mine? I did listen to the same music over and over, too. Adult habits - I like to hang clothes on the line as much as possible. :)

  17. Karen: Sight-reading, ugh! My nerves always got the better of me in those situations, too.

    Donna: LOL. That I would love to see! I dare ya to post a disco vlog when you get your first book deal!

    Margo: I am also a bit time warped in my discs of choice. Many of them are albums I owned on vinyl first. (Apparently this is now a hipster thing, which makes me feel slightly less ancient.)

    Ainy: Good things bear repeating, right? Thanks for the follow. I'll pop over to visit you soon.

  18. Victoria: It's funny that my go-to choices are also teen faves. I think they are so familiar that the lyrics don't distract at all.

    Karen: It sounds like we've got the beginnings of a club for writers who love to hit "replay"! :-) Glad to know others also like hanging wash. I started doing it in 5th grade.