Wednesday, March 30

Posted by Laurel Garver on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 28 comments
Thanks to Michael DiGesu at In Time... for hosting today's Harry Potter blogfest.

The concept? Select two Hogwarts students you'd choose to be your best friends and describe what kind of trio you would be. Fun, right? Go swing by Michael's blog HERE to join the fun and enjoy other participants' offerings.


If I were a Hogwarts student, I would be in Ravenclaw and share a dorm room with Luna Lovegood. Being creative literary types, we would dream of starting up our own publication--an underground school newspaper! Of course, we'd need help with the sleuthing and evidence gathering, so our trio would be rounded out by Colin Creevy, photographer extaordinaire.

Luna, Colin and I would be the sneakiest, in-the-know kids at Hogwarts. We'd get to the bottom of why Filch is so attached to Mrs. Norris (obviously a transfiguration charm gone horribly wrong, leaving his young widow paramour permanently feline). We'd uncover all the best secret tryst spots on campus. We'd blow that whole Chamber of Secrets wide open!

With Colin's photos and stories; Luna's creative writing and production experience; and my writing, editing and layout know-how, we'd be on our way to wizarding journalistic fame, right under the noses of our unsuspecting professors and peers. We'd call our publication The Thestral Gazette, with the tagline "Hidden Hogwarts revealed by those in the know."

Anyone want to join us as a secret reporter?


  1. Me, Me! I want to be a secret reporter! This is really cute. Great post.

  2. You and I are in sync completely!!! Those were the two I chose to hang around with! That being said I did mine a little differently!!!

    This was so cute!!!! I love HARRY DAY!

  3. Great post! Would love to subscribe to The Thestral Gazette. Clever!

  4. Cute! Those two are awesome characters! I can totally get wanting to hang with them!

  5. Oh, what a great plan! I can see that underground newspaper! (in fact I think Dumbledore would secretly help it happen) Very nice!

  6. Oh fun. . .I never considered Colin! You guys would be a fantastic trio for sure!!!!

  7. I want to be part of your team! I'm in Hufflepuff though. Hope that's all right! :)

  8. I love the sound of the literary threesome, so clever - I love Luna!

  9. Clever and sneaky for sure! Great idea! I'm in!

  10. Totally count me in! I'd love to write a piece on Professor Trelawney!

  11. This is BRILLIANT! I love it, well done!

  12. So much fun. :)
    I've always wondered about that whole Filch/Norris relationship. :)

  13. Awww! Good choices! :) I think I'd be a Ravenclaw, as well. I'm just not brave enough for Gryffindor, sneaky enough for Slytherin, or nice enough for Hufflepuff. lol

  14. Yey! I get to be your follower number 300!

    I love your concept for the Thestral Gazette. Luna and Colin, together with you and all your skills, would make a great team.

  15. That's funny. It never occurred to me that Mrs. Norris was a wizard who got stuck as a cat permanently, but it sure makes sense.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  16. Great insight on Filch and Mrs. Norris.... could be?

    Wonderful entry, Laurel. I really enjoyed it! I love your reasoning behind you friendship and the The Thestral Gazette would definitely give National Inquirer a run for its money.

    Could you imagine the scoop on Umbridge?

    Thanks for joining the fun!


  17. Melissa: You're hired. Your beat will be covering all the House Elf news. Clap three times and say "tuba solo" and Plinky will appear to give you the scoop.

    Jen: Awesome! I really enjoyed your spin on being a trio with Luna and Colin.

    Marsha: I'm sorely tempted to write Thestral Gazette stories as a regular blog feature, just for fun.

    Colene: Thanks! Please help us keep the Thestral Gazette a secret (no ratting us out to Snape or Filch). ;-)

  18. Hart: Me, too. During Umbridge's reign, the Gazette would have been a lifeline to the students.

    Lindsay: What's a newspaper without photos? Colin is a natural. And Luna's Quibbler experience is of course invaluable.

    Laura: Excellent! We need a few insiders in every house. My trio only has Ravenclaw and Gryffindor covered.

    Margo: I suspect we would be more "Yellow Journalism" than literary in our output. LOL.

  19. Heather: Awesome. How do feel about covering the sports beat? Get us the inside scoop on the Quidditch teams and players.

    Gina: You're on. Go dig up all the dirt on the professors that you can. The teacher beat is all yours.

    Rachel: Thanks so much! Have to put my journalism training to use somehow.

    Faith: Only in the wizarding world could such a bizarre love be fostered! Obviously this is why a squib like Filch could never just join Muggledom. :-)

  20. KM: Luna's inclusion in Ravenclaw tells me that creative folks would fit well there.

    Tony: W00t! *throws confetti* Thanks for your part in bringing me to a milestone!

    N.R.: Filch's attachment to this feline creature is too intense for her to be an ordinary cat. Any why such a human name?? I immediately suspected darker forces at work!

    Michael: Yeah, we'd be a junior National Enquirer for wizards. You gotta love some good old-fashioned yellow journalism! It's how Pulitzer and Hearst gained their fame.

    Watch out Umbridge! And Rita Skeeter better watch her back, too!

  21. Wow! I never thought of Colin and Luna working together and yet you managed to paint the picture effortlessly! Great job!

  22. Love it! I saw a Luna and Colin pair earlier too. He definitely would keep you up on all the goings on at hogwarts.

  23. There were a couple of you who chose Collin, and I didn't think about his ability to be "in the know..." LOL!

  24. Jeanmarie: Colin's photo skills and Luna's Quibbler experience made them seem like naturals for starting a publication.

    Abby: Jen Daiker also picked this pair, for slightly different reasons.

    Susan: What's a newspaper without photos? Had to have Colin!

  25. Good thoughts and good idea we can't ever make it alone can we.

  26. I would SO subscribe to The Thestral Gazette! I love the Creeveys!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Marie at the Cheetah

  27. I'd love to be a secret reporter! Mrs Norris is actually a woman? That's a hilarious idea.

  28. Josh: Indeed we can't. That's what made this such a fun blogfest prompt.

    Marie: Stay tuned. I plan to post a few Thestral Gazette articles on future Fridays.

    Deniz: Makes sense though, doesn't it?? :-)