Friday, April 1

Posted by Laurel Garver on Friday, April 01, 2011 13 comments
Good news! Google is coming out with an interactive version of Gmail that will help us all combat writer's butt--at least when we're catching up with correspondence. Check it out!

Awesome, right? I especially love the motion to send a message. It's so...inexplicably stylish.

If you think this is serious, check the date. :-)

Any good pranks planned today? What's your best memory of an April 1 trick?
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  1. I have to say, this sounds cool ... but I hate change. LoL.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. I'm really hoping there is an option to turn it off on days where your tired because maybe I'm lazy but that looks tiring!

  3. Is this for real? It was so funny. Loved the computer geek doing his body motions! My little guys (10 yro twins) have gotten me several times already this morning. What can I say, two against one, plus I hadn't finished my coffee (pot) yet!

  4. I find this hilarious! I think it would be hilarious to do some actions and just see what message you end up with. I'm sensing all kinds of fun, but not so much a time saver. :)

    No jokes here. :)

  5. This is pretty funny. I love the motion for reply.

  6. Love it. The facial expression of the guy demonstrating the motions are hilarious! Oh and the two experts: very well done. Thanks!

  7. Har har har har!! I can only imagine the Query Shark using the motions for "In response to your tirade when I passed on your query..."

  8. Ha ha! That's hilarious. But come on,, are peeps rally that lazy they can't move their fingers?? Nice to meet you, hopping over from Vicki's blogfest... looks like I'm too early.

    Oh well... nice to meet you! :)

  9. I love the Google pranks! Once again April Fool's Day slipped by and I didn't prank anyone.

  10. Justine: They're pranking--it's a mash up of e-mail with Wii. :-)

    Swimmer: That's what makes it so hilarious. Responding to e-mail is exhausting enough the old-fashioned way.

    Mary: Of course not. The "experts" are just there to lend realism--parodying usual tech announcements.

  11. Janet: I think what makes it more funny is the total Dilbert-esque guy they got to model for them. :-D

    Carrie: Indeed. It's a hoot.

    Yat-Yee: The best pranks have a ring of truth, right? NPR does really good April 1 pranks too, wonderful parodies of their usual style and approach to reporting.

  12. Jenna: THAT I would love to see!!

    PK: I that's part of the hilarity--obviously doing whole body motion is far more exerting than just typing. Imagine doing e-mail using a Wii. Catch ya soon at the blogfest!

    Vicki: It's been years since I've attempted a prank myself, though I do get a kick out of Google's, and NPR's are always great too.

  13. I love that the gmail/google people have a sense of humor. The guys in suits dancing in front of their computers were especially awesome.