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by Laurel Garver (that's me)
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Under a smooth moon
we watch fireworks
heave purple fluff
and spray a thousand blossoms
that petal-dance
down summer shadows
to where we cuddle,
flame-drunk, bliss blistered,
sighing, OH!
at the frantic pull
to soar away,
to be all light.

From Muddy-fingered Midnights, 2013. p. 44.

I composed this piece using magnetic poetry sets, and the image that got the whole thing going was "fireworks." I spread my collection of magnetic words across a tabletop and picked out any and every word that might connect to how fireworks look, sound, and feel either literally or metaphorically. I also thought about contexts in which one experiences fireworks and the emotion of those contexts.

Once I had a big stack of words, I got down to composing. Fluff needed a color modifier, and purple had a repeating vowel sound. Blister and flame bring to mind the fire of fireworks;  I wanted both burning terms to resonate with the romantic context, so I paired them with modifiers that give them a passionate twist. Many of my first choices weren't used; many of the strongest images needed to be contextualized, which meant digging for more words that would resonate with them.

What are your favorite tools for brainstorming and developing ideas? Have you ever played with magnetic poetry kits? 

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by Laurel Garver

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  1. Love this poem and love your collection!!! I didn't enter to win because I have a copy . . . although I suppose I could give it as a gift!

    1. Thanks, Tyrean! It means a lot that you enjoy and enthusiastically support my work. :-)

  2. What a neat way to brainstorm...I've never used magnetic poetry kits like this before!

    1. They're loads of fun to work with. A friend of mine covered her fridge with them and the family is constantly composing things.

  3. Great poem and imagery. I've used magnetic poetry but never to brainstorm. My favorite way these days is a journal with purple pen where I write, scribble, circle add arrows and use Post-its!

    1. A cheap spiral notebook and pretty pen make for some great brainstorming tools too. What I enjoy about the poetry kits is that words I wouldn't ordinarily use suggest themselves from the pile. That can get me thinking in new ways.

  4. I've never heard of magnetic poetry kits before. Sounds intriguing. :) I'll have to look them up. I love the result!
    Thanks, Lauren.

    1. Amazon carries dozens of sets, from "for kids" to love to Shakespeare to pirate. They are wonderfully fun!

  5. I have never worked with magnetic poetry kits, but they seem like fun!

    1. They are a fun tool to kickstart your creativity. Thanks for coming by!

  6. I have never even seen magnetic poetry kits!

    1. There's a company called "Magnetic Poetry" that specializes in making sets. Most B&N stores carry them in the gifts section, or try Amazon, which carries dozens of different sets.