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by Angela Felsted

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precisely when night fingers
brush the ankles of the cherry tree

precisely when a freckled
bullfrog starts its croon
up at the moon

precisely when the screams
of children fade into the pliant mud
when splashing rocks
peruse the river bottom made of pebble dots

the shadow of breath of dusk
exhales across the gilded ground
a silver cloud sent heaven bound
aches for mother, father sun,
tries to run

on red-striped wings
past the ring of phantom sky
above a canopy of trees
where star buds nest in humid leaves

their summer
wishes touch my hand
kisses trapped by molten sand

lit up glass
etched secrets in the withered grass

Source: Poetry Pact volume 1. Eds. Angela Felsted and Richard Merrill. Fairfax, VA: Jazzy Press, 2011.

This soundscape piece takes us to that magical twilight hour of summertime when the night comes alive. Felsted is a friend of mine from a poetry critique group whose work I enjoy very much, not only because she creates such evocative images, but also because of her sense of play. There's a little rhyme, but not too much; there's a little bouncy lilt, just enough. My favorite image of the piece is "star buds nest in humid leaves" and how it juxtaposes the celestial and horticultural to speak of the insect world.

What lines or images strike you?

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  1. So beautiful and serene :)

    1. It's so evocative of summers in childhood for me. Thanks for coming by!

  2. Hi Laurel. :-)

    I love that you posted "fireflies." It has been so long since I've been on blogger, I almost couldn't remember my password.

    How wonderful that you're posting poetry for the A-Z, especially considering it's National Poetry Month. Hats off to you. Always.

    1. Thanks for permission to post! I sure miss you in the blogosphere, my friend, but I'm glad you're still busily writing poems.

  3. Fine poem that makes me feel I am seeing them at the time.

    1. She beautifully captures that summer-night magic, doesn't she? Thanks for visiting!