Sunday, October 24

Posted by Laurel Garver on Sunday, October 24, 2010 7 comments
I tend to think of Sears as a place to pick up tools and appliances, though I vaguely remember their fat Christmas catalog we'd pore over when I was little--mostly for the toys, because the clothes were always so...sturdy and boring.

But check this out: Sears is now catering to a growing clientele: ZOMBIES. Check out their "Afterlife. Well spent." shop!

Go. Now. You'll thank me, because this is self-ironizing at its very best.

Think about it--Sears itself is trying to revive its style. How better than well-placed humor? And just in time for Halloween. Now that's great marketing.

Check out the site and tell me, what's your zombie style? Slow, cranky, hungry or dirty? Brain preference? Chilled, runny, boiled or a la mode?

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  1. Somebody sent this to me on FB. I love it! They did a great job on it. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  2. Wow. Sears HAS made some changes!
    That was...unexpected.
    ("Brainstain be gone!" Ha! Love this marketing for a washing machine. :)

    I think if those are my only choices, well boiled seems the safety-first way to go. I don't want brain food poisoning. That would be nasty. ;) No one wants to see a brain-barfing zombie.

    Oh, also, I received my tote...and your lovely, thoughtful card. THANK YOU. *hugs*

    Happy Sunday, Laurel.

  3. Hahaha, WOW! You totally just made my day with that link!

  4. Humour is such a big part of our lives now. I love it. :-)

  5. Cranky, and A La Mode for sure! How funny is that. :)

  6. Angela: I think my hubby also stumbled across it on FB. It was too hilarious to not share.

    Lola: So your zombie style takes the time to cook. Awesome. It was pretty unexpected coming from Sears. That's why it's so freaking cool.

    Glad the bag arrived safely. Dementors will be beating a hasty retreat from now on. :-D

  7. Mia: I'm glad you saw it. I was a little too time pressed this weekend to pop over to your blog to let you know. I KNEW you'd be all over this! :-D

    Charmaine: It's pretty brilliant as a marketing technique, you've gotta admit.

    Janet: what sort of ice cream does your zombie like with his/her brains? I'm thinking butter pecan might coordinate well--just a touch of crunchiness would be a nice addition. LOL.