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It's day four of Harry Potter week, and today my compadres are all getting geared up for the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. Go check them out for more Pottermania:

Jen Daiker
Lisa Galek
Renae Mercado
Colene Murphy
Melissa Wideen

Sadly, I can't get childcare to join the opening night festivities--that whole pesky school night thing. Sigh. We will be seeing the film, without Hobbit Girl, sometime over the weekend.

A big part of HP fan culture is dressing in costume for events, especially launches of new books and films. The elaborateness of costumes runs the gamut, from a simple themed t-shirt or house scarf accenting mugglewear to full head-to-toe character impersonations.

You have a range of options for dressing magical.

Licensed costumes
Warner Bros., the studio that produces the films, has an entire line of official costumes. This is your no-fuss option, but prices can be a bit steep.

Adapt mugglewear
This is a good budget option, but it may require some legwork on your part. Hogwarts uniforms are perhaps one of the easiest options to adapt. Look how cute the Wizard Rock duo The Moaning Myrtles look in their easy costumes: white blouse, blue striped tie, grey pleated skirt and knee socks.

Or stretch your creativity a little farther, like this awesome librarian who added badges to graduation robes, made a uniform with simple black slacks and sweater, then added accessories: gardening gloves, a whistle, (swim) goggles and a craft-store broom. Viola! Madame Hooch, ready to coach quidditch.

Custom design
If you have some skills with sewing, you can take your costumes to the next level. Here are some particularly awesome character impersonations:

Stand up straight! Here comes Dolores Umbridge, the wizard facist that made us all seethe through Order of the Phoenix.

Watch out boys, it's one of those classy girls from Beauxbatons.
You can read how this talented crafter made the outfit HERE.

And who's to say the family pet can't be in on the fun? Check out this fabulous canine costume of Fluffy from Sorcerer's Stone.

Have you ever dressed up for a Harry Potter event? What did you wear? What's the best costume you've ever seen?

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  1. I'm not one to dress up for anything, but I have to admire the dedication! Especially for that dog!

  2. I love the photos these were awesome! So many fab costumes. This will be my first midnight showing and I didn't think about dressing up, but for the next one, who knows!

  3. love Ms. Umbridge & the Beauxbatons! We were all HP'd out for Halloween last year. And have no fear, we'll be waiting til next week to see the movie too (when g'rents can watch the babies! :o)

  4. Oh, I love that Fluffy! I'm amazed at all the creativity and hard work people put into their costumes, but it shows how much Rowlings touched imaginations everywhere.

  5. These photos are awesome!! I love the beauxbatons girl and the three headed dog!

    I'm going to try and make a sort of mask with makeup tonight....we'll see how it turns out!

  6. I love dressing up. Oops! I just showed what a dork I am. I have a set of robes, a sweater, a tie, a scarf, and a duplicate of Hermione's wand.

  7. Hi Laurel! *waves from over the pond*
    Loved the costumes! I fear that the UK cinema attendees will not be as enthusiastically outfitted as I'm sure they will be over there ... but I am very much looking forward to it. Alas I do have the nerve to dress up, but as I told Melissa, I make a very passable Mr Weasley without having to do anything!
    Do come by and have a read of my Harry Potter post at my blog.
    Lovely to have met you!

  8. Bahahahaha! That three-headed dog cracked me up. I LOVE to dress up for movies! Those costumes are amazing! Great post

  9. lol. Love that Fleur outfit. And the Fluffy dog. I once knitted a scarf for Hubby's HP Halloween costume. Just glad it was an easy stripe pattern and not argyle or something.

  10. Summer: The dog had me laughing for quite a while. My pup would never tolerate such a get-up.

    Jen: I've only ever dressed up for an event where you got a discount for being in costume. I make a pretty good Trelawney.

    LTM: whew, I thought I was a bad fan for not doing the midnight show. In all honesty, I prefer daytime shows when I'm awake enough to really enjoy the experience.

  11. Tricia: I was impressed that Beauxbatons girl MADE her hat! Talk about creative and gifted!

    Melissa: Have fun! Can't wait to see your photos!

    Tina: Kewl. I go through phases of loving dress up and phases of being too self-conscious. My hubby regularly snatches my master's degree robes to dress HP-style.

  12. That family pet one is great. Not sure if the dog is so happy about it, but it is clever. Are you dressing up when you go out?

  13. Dominic: Lovely to meet you, too! I'll swing by your site soon.

    Colene: hope this gave you lots of great ideas!

    Karen: If you really want to be impressed, go check the blog I linked to the Beauxbatons girl. She MADE the hat in addition to the outfit, and painted shoes to match.

    You should post photos of your handmade scarf. I bet it's awesome!

  14. Mary: no plans to dress up for the film, partly because we're hoping to squeeze in the show before an afternoon party on Saturday. But I have been Trelawney for an event in the past. Fun. :-)

  15. Wow, I wish I could do costumes like the Beauxbatons girl. Pure awesome! I love dressing up, too, even though I do feel a little self-conscience and nerdy sometimes :)

  16. How awesome are all of these?! I'm just going to wear a huge 80s sweater with tights and heels to the premier. If you don't have wizard wear, dress like one pretending to be a muggle.

    Or something.

  17. These costumes are great, Laurel! I love the dog dressed up as Fluffy. Very cute.

  18. Oh how fun! I love harry potter, and I'm glad to see everyone is jumping back into the fun of it again, and it didn't lose it's steam.

    Sorry you couldn't get a sitter. Ugh.


  19. Wow those are some great costumes! The Beauxbatons uniform looks right out of the movie.

    I have an official Gryffindor scarf that I wear almost every day (wasn't able to get a Ravenclaw scarf :( ), but that's about the extent I go to dressing up HP style!

  20. Lisa: Isn't her work amazing? She made the hat herself too! Gah! It's easier to dress up when lots of other people are, too. Hope you have a blast tonight!

    Shayda: Clever! :-)

    Roxy: The dog is pretty awesome. Definitely seems to be garnering the most comments.

  21. Jenni: We are rapidly running out of premieres and launches, though, which makes me all kinds of sad.

    Liz: I think more house gear is becoming available. WB probably realized that if they didn't start making stuff in blue and yellow and green, someone else would.

  22. This was great! Loved the three headed dog and Umbridge! Fabulous costumes!

  23. I love the way they did the dog! That's amazing.

  24. No I've never dressed up HP, but I knew right away that woman was umbridge!

  25. Renae: It was so hard to choose--I saw some amazing Hagrid and Mad-eye Moody costumes too.

    Golden Eagle: Cool, isn't it? Better still a good natured dog would actually tolerate being dressed at all.

    Laura: She even carries off the Umbridge attitude, doesn't she?