Thursday, May 5

Posted by Laurel Garver on Thursday, May 05, 2011 5 comments
My Friday Fun posts will be taking a magical turn beginning this week. That's right, I'm launching at last the Thestral Gazette!

Founded by Luna Lovegood and Colin Creevy, this publication continues the fine tabloid tradition of yellow journalism, revealing the dark underbelly of Hogwarts. Harry Potter fans, plan to be shocked and amazed (or at least amused)!

My stable of crack reporters will bring you all the news that's fit to, um, post. Our inaugural issue features a stunning expose revealing the true identity of that Hogwarts nemesis of all somnambulists, Mrs. Norris.

You might say it's a blogfest idea that has taken on a life of its own. You can read more about the concept HERE.

New articles will go up each Friday through July, and possibly beyond. If you're interested in joining the reporting team and doing a guest post in July or August, drop me a line at laurels (dot) leaves (at) gmail (dot) com.

Be sure to stop back tomorrow when the stunning fun commences!


  1. Laurel, this is totally cool!

  2. what an awesome concept! Hubs is going to love this one... must share it with him~ :o) <3

  3. Yay, I love Hogwarts! This sounds like fun. Looking forward to the posts!

  4. Angela: This is my last-born tendency coming out--I love to PLAY. :-)

    Leigh: All HP aficionados are most welcome here!

    Laura: Thanks! Here's hoping I can live up to my own hype...

    Shannon: Hopefully a good time will be had by all.