Monday, May 23

Posted by Laurel Garver on Monday, May 23, 2011 16 comments
I'm holding an awesome contest!

Sign up for the random drawing to win a $30 Amazon gift card. Earn extra entries for blogging, tweets and asking me editing questions. Feel free to grab this nifty button I made and use it in your sidebar.

An optional part 2: Send me your most groan-worthy metaphors and similes for a chance to win critiques, editing help or a character naming consult.

Click HERE to see all the details and to enter!

I've recently noticed a big drop off in comments and hits on Thursdays and Fridays. Is this a new trend? I'm wondering if I need to rethink my posting schedule.

What's your habit? Do you look at blogs only on Mon.-Wed.?
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  1. I noticed the trend too. I will check out your contest.

  2. I haven't noticed a drop in comments on any certain days. Hmmm...I wonder what's up with that? Maybe the nice weather has people outside on the weekends more?

  3. I'm trying to figure out when's best to post too. end of week has definitely dropped off in activity, imo.


  4. Not me. I'm a die hard blogger. I read blogs Mon- Sun. But I only post M-F with the occasional Saturday.

  5. I've noticed that people don't really comment on my blog later in the week, especially on Fridays. Tuesday seems to be the biggest day consistently! Personally, I don't read blogs on Fri. or Sat. I read Sun-Thurs.
    But I also notice a drop off in blog reading in general between May-Aug. I guess because of summer. (Yeah, I spend way too much time on sitemeter and google analytics ;-)

  6. Friday is definitely my slowest weekday for traffic. I read on M-W-F, the same days I post.

  7. I post M-W-F, so most of my blogging/reading is done those days. I do try to get to posts on the other days, but if I don't, I don't sweat it to much.

  8. I read almost every day! I can't stay away... I'm addicted! Someone help me!

  9. I think our posts are read by the most people on Mondays. I read every day. In fact, Mondays are usually a bad day for me to read because I'm busier at the beginning of the week, and catch up on Fridays and Saturday.

  10. I'm an equal opportunity blogger, really. I venture forth when I have the time regardless of the day. That said, there are some days it's impossible, but that's usually Wednesday and Friday.

    Hope you're doing well! I see you're still looking for an agent. I keep expecting that to change - you've got so much going for you. Keep the faith. :)

  11. I blog M-W-F, and have noticed a decrease on Fridays lately. I'm not really sure where it's coming from, but May does seem to be a really busy month for lots of folks, with graduations, First Communion, Mother's Day, Proms, Memorial Day, so my guess is just that a lot is going on :)

  12. I"m still around on M,W,F. If I've missed commenting it's an accident, not on purpose. For me, it has depended on the post on the number of comments on Friday.

    Sounds like an awesome contest!

  13. Christine: So I'm not just paranoid, huh? :-)

    Susan: Could be the long weekend phenomenon.

    Mood: It does seem to be seasonal. In summer, I'll likely drop to twice a week.

  14. Michael: Good for you. It is fun to stay connected, isn't it?

    Melissa: I find that statistical stuff really interesting. I'm thinking this means Thestral Gazette needs to migrate to Thursdays.

    Sarah: Mondays are generally terrible for me with work, which is why I went Tu, Th. If I plan ahead better, though, I could still manage Monday posts.

  15. Kayleen: I went with a "Friday fun" theme a few months ago, and the comments plummeted. It makes me a little worried that I've gone so informational/teachery here my attempts at humor are suspect. Sigh.

    Talli: You're a super commenter! I really appreciate it!

    Mary: Me, too. My inbox is crammed most Monday mornings. Later in the week, the workload wanes.

  16. Victoria: I also usually have more time midweek and after. It's the nature of the submission cycle at my job.

    I likely need to say less about my very spotty querying process. I've been doing small batches over many months with course corrections (revising query and manuscript). It's slow, which probably looks bad. I'm in a revision period now.

    Joanne: Good point! May does have lots of event-filled weekends for many.

    Laura: I feel like I'm wasting meaty posts to put them up on Friday. I'd noticed the readership drop off months ago.