Thursday, May 19

Posted by Laurel Garver on Thursday, May 19, 2011 24 comments
I have a quirky love for pattern and symmetry, thus the blogging milestones I chose to celebrate were 111, an "Eleventy one" celebration and 202, my "Too, oh, too Cool" contest.

I'm nearing another such symmetrical milestone--333 followers, so you know what that means. It's time for another celebration with fun and, of course, PRIZES!

My Triplicity celebration and contest is a two-parter--one part skills-based (international), the other, luck-based (US only). You may enter one part of the contest or both, depending on your residency.

Part 1: World's worst metaphors and similes contest
Send up to three entries of original, groan-worthy metaphors or similes (no plagiarism, please) via e-mail as inline text to laurels (dot) leaves (at) gmail (dot) com. For some examples, see my recent blogfest post. This contest is open to international contestants.

The deadline to enter is Tuesday, May 31, 5 p.m. Eastern.

Three top winners will be chosen. Each may chose any one of the following prizes:
~a 10-page detailed critique
~10 pages of copy editing
~an editorial overview of up to 50 pages, outlining areas for growth
~a character naming consultation. I'll help you research and find/create up to three character names, any genre.

Part 2: Prize Drawing
I will be giving away a $30 Amazon gift certificate to one lucky winner (U.S. residents only, please).

To enter, you must leave a comment to this post.

Bonus entries will be given as follows:
+5 Existing follower
+3 New follower as of 5/19
+2 Tweet contest
+2 Link contest on your blog sidebar
+5 Blog about the contest
+10 Pose an "Ask-the-editor" question on grammar, punctuation, critiquing
+1 Calculate your total number of entries

Contest closes Tuesday, May 31, 5 p.m. Eastern.

Come back tomorrow for your weekly dose of Harry Potter hilarity, The Thestral Gazette, featuring celebrity gossip from the wizarding world by guest reporter Melissa Sarno!


  1. Congrats on approaching another milestone! I won't be able to participate except in cheering!

  2. Awesome- 333 is a great number! What's next, 666? Ha, had to do it ;p

  3. Woooo I'm number 333!!!

    This is my boyfriend's lucky number so I absolutely HAD to jump on the chance when I saw it would be me. We adore symmetry in our household - anytime the clock is 1:11 or 11:11 we kiss. :) cheezy I know.!/sophthewriter/status/71295167189094400

    And my Ask-the-Editor question is:

    How do we figure out where the line is between a stylized voice/dialect v. proper grammar? I know this is a hugely "case-by-case" basis, but I often find the pieces I write with a bit of a dialect or style get corrected by critiquers for grammar, effectively changing how the character would think.


  4. I tweeted! And I've been wanting to have a blogfest like this with bad metaphors. I'll have to think on it a bit.....

  5. Congrats Laurel! I'll do the tweet, sidebar, etc. Tomorrow morning. It's been a long day.

    I'm looking forward to the HP post tomorrow.


  6. Congrats on 333- very cool number!

    My grammar question: Why doesn't word like the word "then" after a comma? Ex: I juggled a fish and fire batons, then fell off the tightrope? I know it's sloppy writing, but I don't ever recall learning a particular rule about that.

    Methinks I have 16 entries! I'll try to Tweet tomorrow--it's off to bed with me now!

  7. So awesome about your 333 number. And, what a fun contest...time to go think of those metaphors...

    Ask the Editor:
    When receiving a critique from two different people, who have two different opinions on your story, what is the best way to determine who to follow (such as, one person feels like your character needs more depth and the other doesn't, etc.). Each thing is subjective. Is there a real way (not just trusting your gut) to go about this?


  8. This sounds fun...I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on:)

  9. Congrats! You always throw great contests, and I love the numbers you choose. :) I'll have to think about the metaphor/simile part.

    Grammar Question: What are the rules for hyphenating words? Any easy ways to remember?

    +5 Existing
    +2 Sidebar
    +10 grammar question
    +1 Adding it up

    Total: +18

  10. Congrats on surpassing lucky 333!! Love this celebration :)) I'd love to be included in the drawing. Here are my points:

    +5 Existing follower
    +2 Tweet, tweet!
    +2 Sidebar linkage
    +1 Math (ick :D)

    Total pts: 10!


  11. Ask the Editor:
    Is "bored of" a proper phrase? I thought it was "bored with."

    +3 New follower
    +2 Tweeted
    +10 Question
    +1 Math
    = 16. I think. My math brain died after I finished school.

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  13. Thanks for the chance :)
    I am a new follower. +3
    Calculate Entries +1 =
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  14. Congrats on the 333.
    I will have to think about the metaphor.
    Ask the editor:
    Any advice on staying in one tense while writing? I still have a hard time switching back and forth between present and past (first person). I see that I know write more present, but still switch back to past. Is this something that comes with experience?




  15. Let me ask that question again without my mis type.
    Any advice on staying in one tense while writing? I still have a hard time with switching back and forth between present and past (first person). I'm starting to notice that I write more in present, but I still switch back to past. Is this something that comes with experience?
    Sorry my brain is not fully functioning.

  16. I'm an old follower and I'm asking a question, so I think that's +16 for me.

    When should you capitalize a noun such as "the Virus"? In my wip, the characters refer to a virus which ended up wiping out most of the human population. Would it be correct to say "the Virus" when referring to it. If so, when they speak of it as belong to a certain person (the creator) would they say "his virus" or "his Virus"?

    I hope my question isn't too confusing!

  17. Oh boy, oh boy!
    Let's see...I've been following your blog: + 5.
    I'm about to tweet the contest in a minute: + 2
    And I shall pose an 'ask the editor' question this instant: + 10
    I almost always write in past tense and every once in a while I want to insert the word 'now' in my writing. Like this, "I felt really stupid it about. We used to do everything together. But, now, it was different." I usually take it out and find another way to say it because it doesn't feel right to me, but I've recently seen this done in a few published books written in past tense! Can you talk about now, even if the book relays the 'then'?
    NOW, I add my scores up: 18!

  18. Oooo... fabulous!

    Existing follower= +5
    Tweeted= +2
    Sidebar= +2
    Math= +1

    10 entries for me. Now to think of some truly horrifying metaphors.

  19. Seems like just yesterday it was the eleventy!

    +5 Existing
    (+0 Sidebar -- I knew I left something off the new layout...I'll have to go back and add a widget)
    +10 grammar question
    +1 Adding it up

    So +16 for me.

    Can you review how to handle plurals and possessives for names ending in s? For example, "The Miss Dennises" (or would that be The Misses Dennis?)and "Miss Dennis's bonnet"?

  20. Yay!

    +5 old follower
    +2 tweet
    +10 - What is the most misunderstood rule you come across?
    +1 total

    Total +18

    laurapauling at

  21. Congratulations! Your 333 is now 339!

    +5 Existing follower
    +2 Link contest on my blog sidebar
    +10 Pose an "Ask-the-editor" question on grammar, punctuation, critiquing
    +1 Calculate your total number of entries

    Total = 18

    My Question:

    When I write a characters thoughts, sometimes I capitalize in mid-sentence, often putting the thought part in italics. Is it okay to capitalize a thought in mid-sentence like you would a quote?


    Instead of telling him, Mind your own business, I gritted my teeth and said in the calmest voice I could manage, "I'll think about it."

  22. I get +8 for: old follower, tweeting (@MatthewMacNish), and doing my own math.


  23. Read about this over on Simon's blog. Congrats on the 333 milestone!

    I'll tweet this & I'm a new follower = 5 points.