Friday, April 14

Posted by Laurel Garver on Friday, April 14, 2017 10 comments
Welcome, A-Z Blogging Challenge friends. This year, my theme is Prompt-a-day, with fun or thought-provoking writing prompts to use as a story start, warm up, or creativity stretching exercise.


A cranky codger or arch villain is given a love potion.

Think writing prompts are just for beginners? Think again. Here's how they can be a helpful tool, no matter where you are in your writing journey: 5 Reasons to Write with Prompts.

Craving more writing inspiration?

Check out my latest release, 1001 Evocative Prompts for Fiction Writers. It will stimulate your thinking wherever you are in your writing journey and get you writing today. It provides story starts and writing inspiration for a wide variety of genres by focusing on emotions, character development, and pivotal moments.

You can face a blank page with confidence when you use these prompts to warm up, beat writer’s block, develop and maintain a writing habit, change up your routine, start a new project, experiment in a new genre, deepen parts of an existing story, or overcome burnout.

What are you waiting for? Dig in and get writing right now!

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Q4U: How might you spin this prompt in an unexpected direction? How about as horror, crime fiction, or science fiction romance?


  1. Returning the visit from AtoZ! :)

    Fun theme! I love that prompt... ooh, what if it was a cranky baby who got love potion in her bottle? How could that happen?... Oh, I know it's because a wizard was the babysitter. Wizard do not make good babysitters, lol.

    (You know you're a picture book writer when you take a writing prompt for a short story and turn it into a picture book.)

    Proves that this prompt works for ALL genres.

    JEN's Lexical Creations

    1. Love it! Sounds like a fantastically fun way to go.

      These prompts are meant to be super flexible, just sort of creativity stretchers to get you running in your genre of choice. Thanks for coming by!

  2. And comedy ensues! I'm having a lot of fun imagining where that might go. @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

  3. I love writing prompts for my weekly flash fiction. It really does help to have something, anything, to start from.
    The Ninja Librarian’s Favorite Characters

    1. Glad you enjoy using them. Especially for flash fiction, prompts are great for getting you up and running quickly. Thanks for coming by!

  4. I love writing prompts. I never thought I would, and in teaching I thought they were limiting to the students, but a good prompt is never limiting. It is really liberating!

    Donna Smith
    Mainely Write
    MK IT SO

    1. Indeed, what's really limiting is having no ideas at all. Taking an idea and putting a unique spin on it can be so very invigorating and creatively freeing.

  5. Unusual idea, providing writing prompts with the AtoZ! Clearly, great minds think alike. 😉
    Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead